In the France U 16 team, which recently took 2nd place in the Val-de-Marne Tournament, 9 out of 18 came from the Paris region. Among them, 7 have signed in a provincial club. And in the last selection of hopes announced by Sylvain Ripoll, more than half of the selected are from the Paris region. These figures confirm the statistical data published recently by the Paris-Ile-de-France League.

"I have commissioned my teams to do this census to value the clubs and their remarkable work," says its president, Jamel Sandjak. We often talk about young people who have broken through, but very little of their initiatory journey. It is kind of a shame. They say there is no maternity in the clubs, but they have to start somewhere. "

"The widespread idea, reinforced by this study, is that you have to leave the Paris region to succeed," said Mathieu Lacan, U19 coach at Paris FC, who is helping Jean-Luc Ruty head the new center. club training. But I hope that with our training center, soon that of Red Star or others, we will succeed in changing this mentality. "

A strict procedure to the Agreement

Each year, Paris FC is one of the most looted Ile-de-France clubs. Fourteen players of his promising generation 2002 have already gone elsewhere. This summer, 12 players already in training or pre-training have left the club. "But with its training center – 10 players under contract trainee or aspirant, 45 in convention – the PFC is now protected for categories above the football school. "Now it will pay," says Lacan.

This is not the case for an amateur club like the SSG Agreement, which has registered 22 starts for training centers in 2017, 13 this year. "All French and European scouts come to our home very early to supervise the 10-11 age categories," explains his manager Marc Mohamed. We are solicited by French and foreign clubs via invitations. "

When a youngster in the SSG Enters a Scout's Eye, the procedure is always the same. "After a match, the recruiter discusses with the educator to take technical information, but also on his behavior, his state of mind and his family, continues Mohamed. The recruiter then contacts the club to ask us to allow the young person to come for an internship. Once you have received the invitation from the pro structure in the club mailbox, you print it and leave it in the teacher's bunk, which will then give it to the youth. We accept the tests only during the school periods and in the pro structure, we refuse the meetings of 200 young people in Ile-de-France for a detection. "

Face the pressure … parents

In addition, clubs are increasingly facing pressure from parents. "If a family decides to go to a detection or an internship without our intervention, there are sports sanctions that may go as far as excluding the club," said Marc Mohamed.

Mathieu Lacan highlights "the wonderful work of amateur clubs". "We encourage clubs to have even more educators trained and graduates," says Jamel Sandjak, the president of the League of Paris who wants to put some barriers. "The Ile-de-France is a powerful well where we come to draw, he concludes. Seine-Saint-Denis comes out ahead. In the end, we will make our selections and detections at the Morfondé estate (NDLR: the regional technical center located in Seine-et-Marne) to protect our clubs and our licensees because there will be a process to respect to attend. "


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