Ice hockey: annoyance for Ehliz

Ice hockey: annoyance for Ehliz

The Nürnberg Ice Tigers are "humanly disappointed" by the change of the national striker to league rivals EHC Munich – and publish a remarkable statement in this regard.

The transfer of ice hockey player Yasin Ehliz to EHC Red Bull München has very good chances to be one of the most emotional in the history of the German Ice Hockey League (DEL). After the confirmation of the change on Wednesday had hit high waves, it was even heated on Thursday. The reason for this was an "Statement on the Personality Yasin Ehliz" of the Nuremberg Ice Tigers. Ehliz had debuted as a 17 -year-old in the jersey of Nuremberg and played for almost eight years for them, before he signed a contract with the Calgary Flames in the summer to realize his NHL dream. This was not fulfilled, his contract in North America was dissolved last weekend. A few days later, after he had dealt with several DEL offers – including one from Nuremberg – he signed with Meister München.

In the statement, the Ice Tigers announced that Ehliz told Nuremberg club officials before his departure to Calgary that if he returned from North America in his first year, he would definitely play for the Ice Tigers again. The association therefore spoke of a "human disappointment" and wrote: "We greatly regret that Yasin Ehliz, after nearly eight years with the Ice Tigers, did not think it necessary to personally decide about going to Munich and not to his To speak up, to teach, but only communicated with us through his agent. " In the last few days before his return to Germany and shortly thereafter, Ehliz had stopped reacting to contact with the Ice Tigers.

In addition, the Ice Tigers contract internals, such as a bonus payment, the Ehliz should have received when his contract extension in 2017. They suggested that the national player should "donate at least part of the bonus" to the offspring of the EHC 80 Nuremberg. It was the unusual end of an unusual message. Ehliz, who had canceled his participation in the German Cup at short notice because of a flu infection, did not comment on this statement on Thursday.

It was particularly high in the social networks. Alone on Thursday afternoon published Facebook post of the Ice Tigers had already more than 600 comments in the afternoon. Ehliz was repeatedly labeled as "Judas" and "traitor". The disappointment of the Swiss franc is understandable, even taking into account the pressure on which they currently stand as the disappointing table twelfth. It is questionable whether the publication of such internals would withstand a more thorough examination of good style. In any case, the Ice Tigers have to accept the question of why they did not contractually cover Ehliz's verbal statements. The Adler Mannheim, for example, were a bit more farsighted. In 2015, they had made an additional agreement, international player Matthias Plachta could only return to them after his completed North America adventure in the DEL.

Ehliz has to live with the fact that the concrete circumstances of his departure from Nuremberg will probably accompany him even longer. He is expected to be particularly impressed on December 7th, when Munich will visit Nuremberg. Emotionally that day would have become one way or another: Before the derby the shirt of Steven Reinprecht with the number 28 is pulled under the hall roof, the Canadians flies for it extra with his family from his homeland. Reinprecht was for several years Ehliz 'ranks colleague in Nuremberg.


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