Ice cold Eintracht moves to 3-2 against Limassol in knockout phase

Ice cold Eintracht moves to 3-2 against Limassol in knockout phase

eIt was the match ball on the God Island. And the concord did not ask twice. Right at the start, coach Adi Hütter's side bravely attacked and secured their place in the second round of the Europa League just two games before the end of the group stage. The Frankfurt football pros had to do a harder piece of work for at least one half-time on Thursday evening, because unlike in the first leg Apollon Limassol proved in his 92nd European match of the club history this time over a longer period than tough and resilient. Nevertheless, Eintracht won 3-1 with goals from Luka Jovic (17), Sebastien Haller (55) and Mijat Gacinovic (58) in the two goals from Emilio Zelaya (71 and 90 + 2).

Ralf Weitbrecht

"Now we want to stay first," said SGE goalkeeper Kevin Trapp. "I just want to highlight the positives today because we qualified in a group that many did not think we could do." Goalie Gacinovic said, "It was not easy for us. We were not fresh because we played a lot last. Main thing won. "Haller saw it similarly:" We have qualified, only that counts. "

It was the fourth victory in the fourth game. An impeccable record, which in this clarity before probably no one of the Hütter troupe in the supposed "death group" H had dared. But the team has developed – not only in the Bundesliga, but also and especially in the Europa League. Two weeks into the first half of the season in front of empty ranks at Olympique Marseille, a furious 4-1 draw against Lazio and a 2-0 win over Apollon two weeks ago, they also deserved a 3-2 win in Cyprus.

Home game in Cyprus? It almost seemed. The old town of Nicosia: during the day firmly in the hands of the fans. The stadium of Nicosia: in the evening also in the hands of the Eintracht trailer. It seemed almost spooky. Two of the four grandstands were almost deserted. Only in the guest block was crowded. There, the approximately 5000 Eintracht fans had made themselves comfortable there. Uniform dressed in gray hoodies, was sung and clapped almost without ceasing. And at least once cheered, because, no doubt: It was the team of coach Adi Hütter, who continued on the gray wall of Nicosia in Cyprus, where she had last stopped in the first leg against Limassol two weeks ago: a football match in Europe To win the League.

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