Hugh Freeze to Liberty lmao - SB Nation

Hugh Freeze to Liberty lmao - SB Nation

Liberty University, which wants to hire anyone, is hiring Hugh Freeze, a person in need of an institution that would hire anyone. SB Nation's Steven Godfrey confirms the local report.

Freeze, previously fired by Ole Miss amid a scandal that superseded another scandal, wants to be the next head football coach employed by the athletic director who previously oversaw Baylor during its many scandals.

The former Ole Miss head coach had his undergraduate rumors throughout this coaching cycle, and he spent a few years in a row guide book.

Why a man calls to escort service is one thing.

Why he does so on a university-issued phone subject to public records requests is another. In that framework, Freeze is an inexplicable failure. Hubris? Sloppiness? Self-sabotage? It does not really matter.

The listed cause of firing is the escort service: "It's not the NCAA. Of course, Ole Miss is invested in emphasizing the former, as the latter still looms.

Maybe Freeze could've maneuvered past the escort service call (s). Hell, probably! This is college football! If it occurred in a vacuum, I think he survives. ("Common" does not begin to quantify the infidelity rumors I hear among coaches.)

But not next to NCAA investigation.

And not transposed against his public persona of the archetypical Evangelical Christian, which drove his critique in the industry and the media absolutely mad. His ceaseless proselytizing in defense of his character was a gratuitous, repetitive tic that it invited Christians. Such is the failure of faith as a commodity.

Oh, and Freeze just missed being suspended for his first two games at liberty due to that NCAA thing. That penalty expired in 2018.

It remains to be seen how freeze can interrogate Liberty with multiple, interweaving scandals in his background. Lots of coaches have a scandal or even two, but how many have scandals that directly contrast with the entire public image?

Then again, it's Liberty, where the school president once said the Baylor AD "fits perfectly." see of itself.

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