The former Baylor AD, Ian McCaw, has fallen from favor, and Jerry Falwell Jr., a wretched, reactionary heir, presented Hugh Freeze on Friday as the new football coach of Liberty University. Everyone had a great time. Here were the best parts:

  • Ian McCaw: "What impressed us most is that he is a man of great faith, a great family man, and he's someone who really pours into his student athletes."
  • Freeze: "I loved this university the last time I was here."
  • "The Son of God, Jesus Christ, he is the only one I have ever met who can handle my garbage. If you know someone who can do that, I would like to meet with him. "

  • [Thank you’s directed at Bill Polian and Charlie Ebersol]
  • "Attitude is how we will talk to ourselves. We will, in a way, be a brand. "
  • [To McCaw and Jerry Falwell Jr.]"There can be a great player in Australia, and they probably saw your face and now we can recruit him. I like one of those players who can do all the different things from there. "
  • "We want to emphasize it all spring as much as we can emphasize it."
  • "The next key value is integrity."
  • "I used to define integrity as the right thing. If that's the only definition of it, then none of us will meet that standard. "
  • "It's about finishing well with great integrity."
  • "Who is the second person to enter America?" [Several seconds of pained silence] "Yeah, I do not know … but everyone remembers Christopher Columbus."
  • "Next year, a bowl game. And I've been a few good ones. The sugar bowl and the peach bowl. And I love that light in the eyes of our children when they get this card for $ 700 and you can choose the armchair here or a TV here. You know, nothing gives me more joy than seeing our young men experience it. And I will spend most of my time until this happens. "
  • [On what makes a good man]: "He has the ability to finish. And we work as a football team, as a coaching staff, all involved in our program. We want to finish well. We want to finish the games well, we want to finish the academics well … and we want to finish well the husbands, fathers and followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. "

Flames go!



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