Huachipato returned to celebrate after 11 dates at the expense of Audax Italiano »PrensaFútbol

Huachipato returned to celebrate after 11 dates at the expense of Audax Italiano »PrensaFútbol

Sunday August 12, 2018

The team led by Nicolás Larcamón did not win since March 31 of this year, but with a solitary goal by Gabriel Torres, the 'acerero' team won 1-0 against the 'italics' at the close of the season. date 19 of the tournament, and prevented them from moving further away from the relegation zone.

After 11 games without knowing the victory in the National Championship, a needy Huachipato needed to add urgently to recover ground. In front was nothing less than the renewed Italian Audax Juan José Ribera, who came to lift his game in the second wheel. Of course, the 'steels' were more effective in Talcahuano and won by 1-0.
The last victory of the group led by Nicolás Larcamón was on March 31, when he beat Everton 2-0. From then on, they were only draws and defeats for the Eighth Region table. As for Sunday's game, in the middle of a discreet first half, the opening of the account came through a stopped ball.
After 25 minutes of play, the Panamanian Gabriel Torres took advantage of a pivoting by Valber Huerta in the area – after a corner kick – to surprise the "italic" team and establish the 1-0, which remained until the break. For their part, the Floridians tried to match the numbers with the entry of the experienced Darío Bottinelli and Cristián Bogado.
In the second period, meanwhile, the santiaguinos tried to match the figures by all means, but the clubs prevented both teams from celebrating. At 60 ', Carlos Labrín could score in the head, but the vertical drowned out the goal cry. Meanwhile, at 73 ', Javier Urzúa had the 2-0 with a shot from outside, but he suffered the same fate.
Later, at 79 ', Torres had an unbeatable opportunity to sentence the match, but incredibly sent the ball out, and the tone of commitment remained until the final whistle. In this way, Huachipato smiled again after 11 dates and climbed to ninth place with 22 points, while Audax was thirteenth with 18 points and still can not breathe quietly from the relegation zone.

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