Mexico City –

The World Cup Club (a competition featuring Mexico and Concacaf will represent Chivas) will be held on December 12, 2018 at 9:30 am in central Mexico, with the game between Al Ain of the United Arab Emirates and the Wellington Team of New -Spanish, in a duel called Playoff.
Al Ain is the one with more titles in its country, one of the three that does not fall out of the category and is a record of: 13 games Arab League, 7 President's Cup, 3 Corner Cup , 5 Super Cups, 1 Gulf Cup Champions and the AFC Champions League in 2003.

The Wellington Team was established only in 2004, while the titles are increasing, including what we can include: the White Ribbon Cup, the 2014 2014 and 2017 Cup of Charity, the New Zealand Series in the seasons 2015.16, 2016-17 and Series the OFC Champions in 2018.
Tús Chivas del Guadalajara on December 15 at 7:00 pm in Mexico against Kashima FC in the Quarter Quarter, which is the first event in the World Cup World, as the winners of the Concacaf Champions League

Kashima FC is a Japanese club who plays in J1 League, disputes his games in the Kashima stadium, the World Cup 2002. The current club is the largest national championship: 8 Japanese Lions, 5 Emperador Cup , 6 League Cups, 2 Corn Suruga Bank and, like Chivas, since its national series was established, he participated in all the competitions.

On the same day at 10:30 am, the next Tunisia final quarter is played, Tunisia Sports Tunisia (EU Tunisia) will start against the game winner Contests against Al Ain Vs Team Wellington, El Tunisia team was established in 1919 and He is among his palmares: 26 Tunisian soccer series, 14 cups, 3 women's rows, 1 Corn Corn winners Cup, 1 Super CAF Cup and one CAF Cup.
The fifth place will be played on December 18th at 07:30, losing clubs in Quarter Quarter.
On December 18, we will have a priority at River Plate or Boca Juniors in a competition that will take place at 10:30 am, the first of the Spiders.

The second half-formal duelse will take place on December 19 at 10:30, which will put Real Madrid against the winner of the game between Kashima vs. Chivas.
The game for the third place will take place on December 22 at 07:30, the same day of the Grand Final to be at 10:30 am.


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