Honduras in the final U-20 game for achieving 4-3 win in Antigua and Barbuda

Honduras in the final U-20 game for achieving 4-3 win in Antigua and Barbuda

FLORIDA, UNITED STATES.- The Honduran national team affirmed his ticket Friday to the final U-20, after breaking Antigua and Barbuda 4-3 in his final game of the group's phase.
Honduras had a favorable score when they hit the 4-0 Belize on Wednesday, so they only needed to pull their place in the final, but won one goal. The final score showed 4-3.
Zaym Hakeem opened the score for Benna Boys in the fifth minute after starting the game. At 15, Isaac gives more benefit to 2-0.
At 21 minutes the first goal for the Cathair team came with a free kick at Luis Palma.
But the goalkeeper of the goalkeeper of Antigua and Barbuda goalkeeper H overseen. Bramble the scorer.
He took three minutes (67 and 70) for Honduras to tie the game to the third touchdown and reach his rival.
The authors of both shots are Carlos Mejía -tiro ibre- and Mariano Álvarez-as head.
In the final piece, at 88, Honduras finished beating Antigua and Barbuda by scoring 4-3.
Honduras: Óscar Reyes; Elias Rivas, Wesly Decas, Mariano Alvarez, Jonathan Nunez, Cristian Moreira, Carlos Mejia, Mikel Santos, Gerson Chavez, César Romero and Luis Palma. Antigua and Barbuda: Jerny Oscar; Cole Wildin, Leroy Graham, Isaac Akeem, Shakore Simon, Javorn Bejamin, Bramble, Mackenzie Hill, Zaym Hakeem, Daniel Nanton and Whitney Gonsalves. .

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