He makes his marriage proposal in full New York Marathon

He makes his marriage proposal in full New York Marathon

The New York marathon has given rise to unusual scenes. While Ginette Bédard was finishing her 16th marathon at age 85, Galvin Dennis was asking for his girlfriend Kaitlyn Curran in marriage. The couple, who have been together for 4 years, live in Jersey, in the neighboring state of New Jersey. He is a firefighter, she is a nurse, all the elements of an American-style "love story" come together. All? No, he was missing an unusual place to make his marriage proposal.

Galvin decided to make his "wedding proposal" on the 16th mile (25th km) of the marathon. Galvin's cousin, who filmed the scene, confessed that the fiancé was very nervous, it had been more than an hour since he and his family were waiting for Kaitlyn to pass, not sure to spot her in the middle of the crowd. 000 runners.

Relief, Galvin manages to stop the young nurse. At first happy then bewildered when the young promised kneel, she said yes, crying and resumed her race. A race she will surely remember for a long time.

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