The third division TuS Fürstenfeldbruck loses at the Bundesliga reserve of Rhein-Neckar Löwen II with 26:28 goals.

By Ralf Tögel, Fürstenfeldbruck

With some distance Martin Wild can calmly and reflect on the recent defeat. One must always take into account in the reserve of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, with that home strong top team in the southern group of the third handball league, which should develop by the way talents for the German cup winners. TuS Fürstenfeldbruck, on the other hand, will continue to do without a handful of injured regular players. So despite the 26:28 on Saturday, Wild says: "Overall, I am very satisfied with the season so far."

Fourth, four points behind Primus Konstanz, could indeed be worse. Nevertheless, the coach sat on the drive home "frustrated in the bus", especially since the defeat "in our perception" was not insignificant owed to the referee. But from the beginning: The lion's reserve quickly showed that she had planned a success firmly, rarely met him an opponent with "so much pressure and will" in the initial phase, said Wild. No trace of scanning, "we were fast behind", 2: 5 namely. But then the TuS came into play and proved why not a few competitors count him among the favorites. The Brucker caught, gained with concentrated actions in the attack and their usual snappy defense to the famous keeper Michael Luderschmid increasingly the upper hand and led the break with 16:12 goals.

But the lions opted for a more offensive cover variant, increasing the pressure once again. In this phase, the TuS showed the wear of strength, at least led the Mannheimer two minutes before the end of 27:25. Thanks to Matthias Hild (6 goals), Johannes Stumpf and Frederik Hartz (5 each), the match remained open, the latter scored with a minute before the end to 26:27. Shortly thereafter, the TuS conquered the ball to be whistled back in the middle of the counterattack. Wrong, so Wild, "it was a crystal clear foul foul". In any case, lost the Sporting leadership whether the disadvantage of the Contenance and cashed a time penalty (for Wild) and red for assistant coach Marco Müller, which is why two players from the field had. The hit to the final score was for the lions in double superior easy exercise, the TuS has missed the connection to the top for the time being.



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