Hall and Davies criticize format change at the European Championship

Hall and Davies criticize format change at the European Championship

DORSETS Georgia Hall and her partner Laura Davies missed a medal in the team ranking at the Gleneagles European Championships.

The pair, who had won all group games, threw a threefold lead in the semi-final against Sweden, which meant they would draw against the British Meghan MacLaren and Michele Thomson in the bronze medal.

Despite recovering quickly to score, the missed shots made the two British teams on their way to the last five holes.

Hall and Davies continued to be wasteful in the pouring rain, allowing MacLaren and Thomson to win the bronze medal.

The final day of the competition was played in appalling conditions and Hall questioned the decision to change the format of Vier-Ball played during the group stage to four.

She said, "We were used to playing four balls so it was a bit weird to play fours and we had to adapt to play 36 holes under those conditions.

"Then we only had a 45-minute break and we had to go out and come right back to it, it was a nightmare for us, but it's done now and we move on.

"It's a little bit different than last week, we had to work very hard and it was not easy, it was absolutely freezing cold, playing golf was awful.

"I have a week off now, in which I am in Canada, which will be nice, then I will be back next week."

Team member Laura Davies was equally angry at both the change and the semifinals and the bronze medal showdown.

She said, "That was pure misery, basically 36 holes of torture, it's really a shame.

"I'm struggling to figure out why we did not play four-ball on Saturday, to do fours with this weather was not fun, it was a lot of hard work.

"It's great to win, it's not miserable to win, but losing it makes it no fun."

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