Gymnastics took the aggressive power and shouted heavily in Parana

Gymnastics took the aggressive power and shouted heavily in Parana

It's not just about five competitions. The way is not to go extensively. In Gymnastics, they know they must add it or not, when the Super League ends, with the stream. That's why the three points won by the team led by Pedro Troglio twice Sunday are crucial. To become a direct rival, they were achieved after 13 games without winning out of La Plata and because of the first one, one win is calling someone else.

While it is usually urgent to look at conservative conservative eyes, encourage Gymnastics to do more. Troglio went ahead with his two tanks and won the prize he was looking for. Since Guevgeozián and Silva have taken Patronato protection. Indeed, the Pelado was decisive with his goals: the first time to run Matías Gómez's interest and the second pure smell, put a corner head to Bértoli left with stick and anger. casual Although he showed that he had a good idea in his presence, this time he paid the Patronato for his mistakes, his defense lacuness. And if the game was pure nerve with the score at zero, it was not almost impossible with the sheet 2 to 0.

In this game of nerves, Professionals were only the most beneficiaries, who controlled the speed of the game from the strength and deployment of Rinaudo, the ideal soldier for this kind of battles.


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