Gun fight between players of Jets and Redskins

Gun fight between players of Jets and Redskins

Passion reached the limit in the preparation game between the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets.
After the first official week of pre season, both squads decided to face each other in a "friendly game" prior to their duel in Week 2 and things got "hot".
After a series of shoves between players of both squads, it seemed that things were already calm, but Redskins player Trent Williams revived the fight after hitting a Jets defense.
Again there were pushes and the blows began.
There were moments of drama but in the end the fight did not get bigger.
Watch the videos:

Video: #Jets and #Redskins players got into a scuffle during a joint practice
– NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) August 12, 2018

Huge fight at Redskins and Jets joint practice. #Jets #Redskins #Fight
– Imaad Nasir (@ImaadNasir) August 12, 2018

Jets and Redskins wanted smoke in practice today … they still have to play each other Thursday 😳 (via @ LeeBarnes2000, @MasterTes)
– Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) August 12, 2018

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