Posted on Sunday November 11, 2018 at 00:36
| Last updated on 11/11/2018 at 00:39
Guilhem Guirado, captain of the French team, did not hide the huge disappointment in the Blues' stages after the defeat in extremis against South Africa (26-29).
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Guilhem Guirado does not defeat South Africa. (E. Garnier / Staff)

Guilhem Guirado (captain of the French team after defeating the Blues against South Africa) said: "On the whole game, we're happy with what we could do. Unfortunately, the minutes go a bit over us The game has been pressed by the cookie room. We will have a question about Argentina (November 17), it will be a big fight again. The game ends at the end of the game against Ireland during the Tournament ( peak to stop playing Sexton drop). We played this game against South Africa in the hands and we have to escape. I hope this will be a lesson.

After the facts themselves, we do not have control and patience. But we are tackling South Africa who are saying they are moving. We give ourselves the ways to win it. I want to win this game and do not score. It involves me the victory and the group we had all of our minds. "

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