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                Guberniev called on Samuelsson to boycott the Biathlon World Cup in Ostersund
            November 9, 2018 22:27
                                    / Biathlon

Dmitry Guberniev, a well-known biathlon commentator, after news that WADA left a partial suspension of the laboratory in Stockholm, appealed to the Swedish biathlete Sebastian Samuelsson, who boycotted the 2017/18 World Cup final in Tyumen due to the suspension of RUSADA.
“Dear Sebastian Samuelsson! As you know, WADA suspended the work of the anti-doping agency in Stockholm for six months. The test on the accuracy of the test samples was failed. Sebastian, you have always been an implacable fighter with doping, take courage and boycott the Biathlon World Championships in Ostersund! Principled above all. I’m sure Washington and Ottawa will support and also will not come to Sweden, where the doping tests are so poorly organized. By the way, wasn't this lab strenuously checking various other Swedes in front of Phyonchhan? And laughter, and Pih! "- Guberniev wrote on his page in" Instagram ".

WADA upheld partial suspension of the laboratory in Stockholm


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