Green Bay Packers realizes that they have reached the turning point after losing to Seattle

Green Bay Packers realizes that they have reached the turning point after losing to Seattle

SEATTLE – In a quiet changing room for visitors to CenturyLink Field, too often too quiet for the Green Bay Packers to stay there, you feel they've reached the turning point. A 27-24 loss to the Seahawks after holding 14-3, 21-17 and 24-20 dropped them to 4-5-1.

"All we have to do is finish the games," said Kenny Clark. "We had a thousand times to put this game down. We have to put the game away. I dont know. It is frustrating. It's tough."

It's not over, not with three divisions and five remaining conference games.

But …

"It will not worry," said defender Tramon Williams. I'm not going to lie to you, maybe a little bit, am I optimistic, I'm very optimistic that we can still do the work, it will not be easy, as you all know, but I'm optimistic that we can do the job. "

Optimism is based on sporadic success in all three phases. Even in the event of defeat – all five of them have come to the streets – they find moments to hold on to. Thursday night at CenturyLink Field had that. Three sacks and four tackles against Kyler Fackrell. Davante Adams with 10 catches for 166 meters. Aaron Jones averaged 6.4 meters per touch.

However …

"We have to reach that mark at the end of the day," said David Bakhtiari, who was on the left. "As I've said week after week, it's all about momentum. There will be a lot of momentum shifts, and you'll have to be able to ride your wave, and if you hit, you'll have to be able to benefit from it. Then it is the situation ball – in situations we have to be able to capitalize, and every time we land in this little break, we have not used this situation optimally. The situation goes the other way and that is difficult. We need to be able to correct it, fix it and move on. "

The third descent is 3: 11. In the red zone the attack is 1 to 2, allowing the Seahawks to go 3 to 5. It's a missed litter. It is a missed field goal or a premature penalty. Or a downturned call that goes the other way, as if it were an imperfection that was instead decided as a 27-yard finish in 3rd and 7th, which led to a field hit in Seattle in the fourth quarter.

"Unfortunately, I think that has formed an ugly head all year round," said linebacker Clay Matthews. "We had a bunch of teams – good teams – on the ropes and unfortunately we have given up too many big games. I was not able to make the big games in a short time to seal the victory. It is so difficult. Obviously a difficult point where we are in season. It's going to be really uphill to have a chance in the playoffs, but we can only go to work. We were so close, but unfortunately, this industry does not count. We have to get the profits, and we have to start in Minnesota, which will be another difficult one. "

The Packers lost to two in Los Angeles, eight in Detroit and were tied at 17 in New England before the wheels broke. Now a three-point loss in Seattle.

That's why Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Clark said the team believe they are a good team. But they can not overcome the hump. Bakhtiari called it the starting point, where the success stack up and the breaks become flatter. They have not arrived there yet.

They must win their first game on the road in Minnesota just to reach their record and retake their season with three of their last five games at Lambeau Field.

But as they waver at the turning point of their season, the breaks have to give way to the moment, the game that starts them.

"Of course there is hope," said quarterback Aaron Rodgers. "Of course we believe in each other. It will take a moment, whether this is a speech or an exercise or something happens in the game, something has to get this thing going. I thought we had moments tonight when we were like that. The defense, many injuries. Offensively, we lost Jimmy (Graham). Boys were fighting. Nobody gave up hope. We just did not play well enough when we had to play well enough. "

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