Great efforts throughout the diamond give Phils Ruck that they need -

Great efforts throughout the diamond give Phils Ruck that they need -

MIAMI – This was one night Jake Arrieta needed. It was a night that Cesar Hernandez needed. And it was really a night that the Phillies needed.
Arrieta recovered from a poor start in his previous run and broke Hernandez's massive offensive post, which led the Phillies to a 9-4 win over the Miami Marlins on Tuesday night (see first take).
Lately, the Phillies were rare for the Phillies. This was only the tenth place in the last 27 games, but it came in one night when NL East leader Atlanta Braves lost to the Boston Red Sox. This means that the Phillies will play against the Marlins on Wednesday night, leaving the Braves behind with only three games in the division. The Phillies have been looking for their first series victory since the beginning of August. Nick Pivetta will be her starter. With two starts against Miami this season, he has only allowed two runs in 11 2/3 innings. He hit 16 and did not go.
Pivetta hopes to get some of the running support Arrieta received on Tuesday night.
The Phillies had scored a total of three runs when they lost their last three games that came on Tuesday night. In the 1: 3 defeat against Montan Marlins on Monday, they had only four base runners. The Phils blew past these two numbers on Tuesday night's first inning. They had six base runners and scored four runs in the first inning.
"I think we probably have more confidence than we had this game," said coach Gabe Kapler.
Kapler put Carlos Santana on the leadoff spot for the fifth time this season, and Santana responded immediately with a lead homer in the first inning.
Hernandez had been at the forefront most of the season, but a recent break-in made Kapler move him. He had recently finished third. He had also met ninth. In this game Hernandez finished seventh. He came up against Miami starter Trevor Richards with the bases loaded in the first inning and delivered a threefold triple.
"I especially liked the Cesar Triple and it was remarkable because it was a hit we missed," Kapler said. "It was not a real kill shot at the time, but it was the ball that we did not just push into the gap or overrun the base for extra bases with the bases sucked in, which is a really high-quality performance from Cesar."
Hernandez was four times with two hits and two walks based. He had reached the game in his previous 31 games with a score of .189 (23 for 122). His base percentage was .298 over that range, and his percentage of blowouts was .270.
Before the game, Hernandez received advice from Santana.
"Every time you talk to one of your teammates, that's really good," said Hernandez. "That's something we do in this clubhouse. We all pay attention to each other. We're helping each other. Santana told me to remember what I had done at the beginning of the season. I was very successful There were some games where I did not hit the ball well. He just told me to calm down and try to remember what I did before. And yes, it helped. "
Kapler said, "We moved Cesar in a few different places in the lineup, which made him a bit uncomfortable, and he was just a pro and a great teammate. I'm sure it took a big weight off his shoulders to get through and help us win this game. "
Asdrubal Cabrera drove in three races with a double and a homer. Santana was based three times and drove a couple.
Would Kapler consider using Santana again at the drop-in center on Wednesday evening?
"It's really interesting because, in a sense, you would say consistency would do the same job out there, but I think the logical step is to review the lineup and find out what makes sense for tomorrow," he said.
Arrieta had only three innings in his previous start against Washington. He threw 75 fields in this game and got only one swing and bust. He threw 108 pitches over 7 1/3 innings in this tour and got 18 swing and miss, mostly with his sinker and curveball. He beat a season 11.
"What a brave achievement by Jake," Kapler said. "Proven, battle-hardened veteran thrower. We took him to the top and he knew exactly what to do with it. "
There are still 24 games in the regular season. The Phillies play seven of their last 11 against Atlanta, but they must stay close to the Braves for these games to have meaning.
"We know Atlanta plays Boston," Arrieta said. "But we have to do business here. Tonight we took care of the business. "
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