Goodbye, Mandela of football, goodbye Didier Drogba

Goodbye, Mandela of football, goodbye Didier Drogba

Everything presaged hopelessness when Côte d'Ivoire was matched in the same qualifying group as Samuel Eto'o's Cameroon heading for Germany 2006. However, Didier Drogba threw the team over his shoulder and achieved a World Cup classification of historic proportions. But that robust Ebony striker (who started the playoffs playing for Olympique de Marseille and ended up playing for Chelsea) would have to throw his entire country over his shoulder. A conflict between Christians and Muslims claimed the lives of more than four thousand people and displaced one million human beings from their homes. Located in West Africa, Côte d'Ivoire went into political turmoil in the face of the need to hold elections after the end of the year. government of Felix Houphouët-Boigny, which lasted more than 30 years since the independence of this country from French imperialism. The north became a stronghold of rebel groups while the south was in the hands of pro-government groups. "MEN AND WOMEN OF THE IVORY COAST: FROM NORTH TO SOUTH, FROM EAST TO WEST, WE HAVE PROVED THAT ALL THE MARFILEAN PEOPLE CAN COEXIST AND WORK TOGETHER BY ONE SAME OBJECTIVE, TO QUALIFY THE WORLD. "Thus began Drogba his legendary speech to appease his country. Ivory Coast was finally classified for the World Cup and the opportunity to call the concord was as valuable as the vast natural wealth of that nation. "PLEASE LOWER THE WEAPONS. ORGANIZE ELECTIONS. I PRAY THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO FORGIVE. FORGIVE. FORGIVE. "The ball, a pretext to join: footballing countries whipped by crisisLoading gallery
In coordination with the UN, a ceasefire was declared bilaterally in order to stipulate a voting date to elect a new government. Of course Drogba and his teammates could not solve the political crisis alone, but their union on the playing field prevented more bloodshed and more loss of innocent lives. "THAT AFTER I FEEL MY COUNTRY WAS BORN AGAIN," Drogba said as he remembered his own words. The African team, unfortunately, was matched in the group of death with Holland and Argentina being eliminated at the first exchange. However, the victory of Drogba overcame the strictly football, since it joined around sectors of society politically separated by questions of dogma, diniero and poder.Now that his career comes to an end, the Abidjan native's legacy not only consists of goals and titles, but also in love and peace. His is the image of an imposing forward seen as a great elephant: with long and powerful fangs to defend his own keeping them always united.

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