Gladbach is the last piece of the puzzle

Gladbach is the last piece of the puzzle

Borussia Mönchengladbach consolidates the second place in the table with his 3-1 win away. The winner of the competition will be a triple scorer Alassane Plea, which reflects the new quality of the Gladbacher.

According to Frank Hellmann, Bremen

When Alassane Plea was called after the visit training tribunal after 86 minutes was replaced by Borussia Mönchengladbach's enthusiasm for the fans to interfere with their existing singing. Suddenly, the indoors of the western curves of the Weser Bremen Stadium, the melody of Righeira and his "Vamos a la playa" entertainment were playing a laptop of music fans. His new footballer was nominated for this event, who won the game on his departure as a thank you message.

With the three packages within 17 minutes before and after the breaks Gladbach strengthened 3-1 (1-0) by Werder Bremen, not only the second place in the table, but it was recommended for the rest of the season as a team top. "The first half was very effective, the second half was great, then very well protected: this is another step for this team," said sports director Max Eberl.

Even before the beginning of the game, the Plea commitment was described as "the piece of the puzzle" in the Munich abortion "to" we have to lose a bit. "After the pleasure, the maker took weight a bit longer." We have a great deal of praise on our harvesting department, with Steffen Korell at the top, because the striker was listed by others, covering all aspects "In fact, the 23 million euro republic that has gone to Nice in the summer seems to be a legitimate investment.

Elegant and cold-cold – This discussion now has eight goals

It was great when Plea defeated Davy Klaassen's opponent at 1: 0 as an annoying flight and the ball went into the long corner (39.). The free 25-year-old was also very successful following a finish in a corner by Thorgan Hazard to make it 2-0 (48.). And it was only a heart attack on the number of Borussia 14 having moved from the ball's drawing board after the box back from Oscar Wendt into the gate (52.). Therefore, the eight-time OGC Nice attacker and at the same time Olympique Lyon, now has eight season goals. Whether he's looking at the top scorer's title, Talk was asked. "I do not think about the end of the season, I have set out any goals," explained the man of the day in every modesty. "I want to play as well as possible for Borussia and help the team and then you'll see it in the end."

The plea is fast integrated: many of the Borussians are speaking French

The 1.81-meter man is not good as a speaker, but it comes as Leisetreter. Captain Lars Stindl, who was once again upset, explained why Plea really is fighting the Lower Reef as well: "We're delighted because of a big footballer, it's very sensitive and it's "It's wonderful and it's a wonderful and enjoyable person." Hazard Coupling uses the super-supernic description almost in the Pep Guardiola cover to ensure the characteristics of his team body.

He is not saying that the coach Dieter Hecking ("Of course, we're very happy about winning") but to express the main player. "Such a type of player was missing, so we're watching it for a long time," said the 54-year-old. Following the preliminary talks of Eberl and Korell, he met with Talk, "but France does not speak well." Power of occupation is assumed to be adequate, with Hecking now acknowledging as a crucial factor in rapid integration "that many players are speaking French". The following is the following: "We have a great team that has helped me a lot."

The final winner sets strong and confusing, strong as strong and strong again, repeatedly, trying to boost his field of activity on the wings and sometimes a long shot is given.

Werder Coach Kohfeldt changed quite tactical – probably

It was not as good as hecking, of course, on the other hand, Florian Kohfeldt's colleague on the podium press to give explanations after the third defeat. "We have just shown what we need," said Werder. Kohfeldt acknowledges that he would like to collect the international break. In particular, the goals of the coach are not simple, but the "real question" does not want. Defiantly Kohfeldt sure: "We will not leave our way."

But the green and white are not tranquility and self-confidence in the first weeks of the season – Kohfeldt is not in addition to the many changing tactical formats in favor. Bremen football instructor had two successful breakdowns against Bayer Leverkusen (2: 6) and FSV Mainz 05 (1: 2) published a new basic 4-4-2 command, with Philipp Bargfrede's central defense park and Nuri Sahin's first defensive defense defender meets in the field.

Although this formation first provided more stability, the game was not aggressive for an hour on the sprit, at speed and momentum. At present, Max Kruse needs to be helped. Significantly, after Sahin scored the 1: 3 (59 minute) goal, the opportunity to score 2: 3 just a minute later with a flying head ball. Typically, Alassane Plea would use such an opportunity that day.

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