It was the 50th game of Girona in First and everything was ready to celebrate it in the best way: sleeping in places of the Europa League after defeating a falling opponent who would have left 10 points. But as planning rather than touching usually leads to fearsome consequences, the white-and-reds had to settle for a point (0-0). Nor is it bad business, seeing how Leganés might have come out of Montilivi's winner.

There is nothing better for everyone's confidence than to feel important. This had to be thought Eusebio, who wanted to reward the historic victory in Mestalla while keeping all its actors less than Doumbia, whom he sacrificed because Stuani was already recovered. And if the Uruguayan is well, no one can claim his throne. Neither Juanpe nor Granell took their place because Muniesa and Aleix Garcia met at a great level when the VLS needed them. Like everything else. Intelligent, the bet of Eusebio, especially thinking in the long term. Not only has he had the humility of dressing up with the drawing created by Pablo Machín to guarantee the comfort of a template from which he has earned respect. It also shows generosity and common sense, aspects that are difficult to see when carobs are at stake. Sometimes life is not complicated. They say so, that everything is simpler than it seems. And Girona, which is creating a solid foundation for its more imminent future, grows from the naturalness of doing what is needed at the moment it's touched. That also has merit.

The VAR, the right protagonist

This is no obstacle because the staging would surely be the worst of the 50 lived on the elite. The occasions, directly, did not appear because the game did not flow at all. Montilivi, who got precious with the game of lights before the game started, lowered his decibels to a minimum. The associations were nowhere near and consecutively in danger, there were very few. And it was not for trying, but they tried it without malice. The gironins, who had more than 60% possession and moved the ball from one side to the other, encountered at all times the wall proposed by the Leganés, ordered and well enclosed behind. Those of Eusebio, who were already injured against Valladolid on the first day when they had to attack in static, repeated the same damage. Accustomed to compete with rapture and character as the main signs of identity, this assumption of favoritism causes them a shock with the intensity they teach in the open field, taking advantage of each space as if it were their lives. They, who are free souls, suffer when they feel caged. Only Roberts' electricity, with two individual moves and a shot too crossed, broke a monotony that favored Pellegrino much more, who did not do anything in the other world because the stage was going well. Only Carrillo managed to disturb Bounou. In fact, he scored; But not to lose the habit, the VAR annulled the play for offside.

Eusebio, who tried to revitalize the team with the entrance of Lozano, saw how the first scare after the resumption was carried out by Carrillo, whose shot came out slightly off track. Oscar also tried for him, with a direct foul on the Moroccan goalkeeper, who saved the point in a final shot at Santos. The reasons for white-and-red hope went through the head of Stuani, who ended without a focus on Pedro Porro and saw how the VAR invalidated a shot at the cannon. It was a long time since Montilivi breathed a certain anxiety, as if by now everyone had forgot about the enormous difficulty that has to compete in First. In order to finish it, Silva silenced sending a ball to the wood. Then Lozano did the same, and Stuani sent the rebound to the stands. It was not a miracle goal but the draw should not be regretted either, because keeping the seven margin points on the descent would avoid unnecessary problems. And it was an anniversary, which is always beautiful.



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