• Despite the possible relegation from the League of Nations, Löw does not have to fear that he will lose his job.
  • At the DFB one is convinced of the reform will of the national coach.
  • However, there is no scenario for the case of further defeats.

By Philipp Selldorf, Leipzig

When Joachim Loew was asked in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, under the impact of his 3-0 defeat to the Netherlands, he responded with hundreds of thousands of football coaches on similar occasions He referred to the decision-making power of his superiors. The audience was then agreed that Loew now like an ordinary club coach the pitfalls of the relegation battle and the whim of the President was delivered.

In fact, four weeks later nothing has changed, apart from the fact that the DFB President Reinhard Grindel does not decide on the national coach alone. Loew could descend with his team on Friday in the second European league, if the Dutch should win their Nations League home game against France. If there would be no victory in the reunion with the Netherlands on Monday in Gelsenkirchen, the fate would also be sealed. Germany no longer first class – that would almost surpass the fall of the Hamburger SV, because this was already second in the Premier League for a long time.

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However, HSV Löw would have long dismissed in the course of this failed international year and endowed with a handsome severance pay. Also in the DFB had been prepared in the summer, the resolution to react rigorously to failure. Although the gentlemen in the presidium were glad for a while that Löw had promised to continue his work. But they also knew that after the failure of the World Cup, large parts of the football people thought otherwise.

There is no scenario for the case of further defeats

In the meantime, there is no question of dismissing Löw. The top representatives of the DFB and DFL agree that the national coach should not be deprived of his mandate if his team is relegated to the next lower tier in the League of Nations. On the one hand because the new Uefa competition has little emotional impact, on the other hand because one is convinced of the willingness to reform of the federal coach.

The 0: 3 in Amsterdam Loew opened his eyes, that he had to force the change more violently, as he had started in September, it is said at the DFB and at the DFL. The world champion Jérôme Boateng, 30, has already felt this, he did not receive an invitation to the international matches; his club mate Thomas Müller, 29, is also threatening to lose importance in the national team. Löw's supervisors are still curious how the selection in the last two games of the darn international year 2018 will beat. However, there is no scenario for the case of further defeats.

The results are not unimportant, but not decisive either. The association officials are determined to continue working with Löw until the EM 2020, and the representatives of the Bundesliga support this plan. Loew himself was left in Leipzig on Wednesday. When asked how he would deal with a possible descent, he replied, "When we get off, we just have to accept it, and then we'll play in a different group at the bottom." Apparently he does not consider a relegation shameful. "For a tournament" – a European Championship or World Cup – "that is not so crucial", emphasized the national coach.

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