German national team: Joachim Loew has something to prove

German national team: Joachim Loew has something to prove
  • In the last two international matches of the year, head coach Löw wants to provide with new staff for positive mood.
  • The France game may have encouraged him to continue to bet on young players.
  • Two successes against Russia and the Netherlands, "that would be nice to finish the year like that, that would do us good," says Löw.

When Joachim Löw finally said goodbye to a Christmas holiday, his mood was with him relaxed still described with extreme reserve. Germany had split 2: 2 from France in November 2017 in Cologne; The test match had provided some indication that France has very fast strikers – and Germany a not so effective defense against very fast strikers. But Loew said almost indignantly, "Why should I be worried now?" He said he would have "not a single sleepless night" until the start of the World Cup. And he recommended, "Do not be nervous in any way."

A year later, it would still be an unbecoming meanness to put Loew to sleep. In the most recent pictures of the training of the national team he looks awake and, at best, with an eye-ring approach under a hood. But: no nervousness?

"Do you want to change position again?"

Before the international match against Russia international players answer student questions and Manuel Neuer can feel flattered. For him, a difficult year should come to a positive end.

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Germany may relegate from the first season of the Nations League, which is the scenario that will require a victory in the last competitive match of the disappointing 2018 on Monday against the Netherlands in Gelsenkirchen, at least. It is also the scenario that already accompanies the friendly against Russia on Thursday in Leipzig. Two achievements, "that would be nice to finish the year like that, that would do us good," says Löw. But even more important will be the circumstantial evidence that Löw has thought, maybe even worried – and draws the right conclusions.

"We want to give the young players more opportunities and space," says Bierhoff

Over the past few months, it has always been about the unthinkable question of how safe Löw's future is in the DFB. This question became louder after the 0-3 draw against the Netherlands a month ago. However, she was also quieter again after Germany lost only 1: 2 against World Cup France. For the first time since the preliminary round-out at the World Cup Löw had significantly changed his position in Paris, especially rejuvenated. And so it is obviously going to continue now.

In the first press conference in Leipzig, on Tuesday in a school, sitting next to Manuel Neuer as the only world champion of 2014: Leroy Sané, 22, Julian Brandt, 22, and Timo Werner, 22. Young players would be well involved in the national team, said Sané , for the World Cup of Löw known still tied. "We can now prove ourselves and put some more pressure," Sané said of the upcoming games. "We want to give the young players more opportunities and space," said manager Oliver Bierhoff – and praised Löws experience, with which he will make the transition.

If Löw, 58, was asked about this upheaval in the past months, he always answered with restrictions. He pointed out that Germany does not have an infinite quality in its breadth, that young players also need experienced players at their side. At the edge of the Bundesliga match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, in which a very young Dortmund team (after a break) the oldest team in the league (before a break) defeated 3-2, he said that Sports Information ServiceThe potential of the young internationals makes him optimistic about the Euro 2020. The caveat: "These young players need guidance, and the experienced players will help, so the mix has to be right, and this mix will make us a powerful unit again."


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