Gala Formula 1: Keep Schwips at Kimi Raikkonen - BILD

Gala Formula 1: Keep Schwips at Kimi Raikkonen - BILD

Fast and fun … Of course, Kimi Raikkonen (39) was decentralized for the best entertainment at the end of the World Motor Car Federation in St Petersburg. Finn is fast and is likely to have a few tips in St Petersburg on the Cup stage for the 3rd World Cup to accept. Räikkönen left one of the moderators for emotion, and again, taking his symbolic symbol of Sebastian Vettel (31) in his arms.
Nicki Shields, Formula One reporter, said English to dry: "Kimi was very excited tonight."

Was Raikkonen drunk? Recently he recently reported in his biography about alcohol deficiencies. Therefore, World Championship 2007 wrote that it would always be drunk during twelve days between two races.
As a result of Vettel's appearance, there was a surprise among fans. He showed in St. Petersburg with a mustache!
Whether the beard is transparent, it does not tell us our ex-world champion. But it was not "very difficult" to let him grow, Vettel's goddess. , The

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