Furious SCP: Movie game loses 3: 5 wild

Furious SCP: Movie game loses 3: 5 wild

The slippery takes the first prevention – it seems that a traffic light card is currently present for HectorViele goals when 1. FC Köln is involved. The Domstädter, who was involved in eight final shows last week, scored 3-0 to SC Paderborn and suffered first to stop the season. The East Westphalians, who were mentioned before playing the game bravely ahead, put this project into operation and climb it to the seventh place in the table. In the first attempt to be converted, convert into an additional margin: Klement in penalty. Mark Imag Markus Anfang had a reaction compared to the 5: 3 victory at FC St. Pauli gets three first news: Bader with his first professional competition, Meré and Höger should face them. In the case of cracks, it was not enough for muscle problems for the squad, Sobiech and Guirassy sat on the bench. Steffen Baumgart sent 2-2 guests-elf against VfL Bochum on two posts: Dräger started the first signature and defense signature made by Gueye for the first time. Boeder and Zolinski sat down on the bench. "We will not take our fun style, we will try our inspiration," Baumgart looked something ahead of the tactics cards. And really Paderborn started to be courageous, attack Cologne soon and tied it over a long stretch of half. This was the first chance for the visitors, but Dräger failed from acute angle to Horn (7), and Hünemeier's head was close to the goal (9)., Double offside, once. After the eleventh moment, the ball was fidgeted on the other side Assault on horn and Terodde finished in the goal, but the assistant's flag was close. This functioned as a call to the Domstädter, who took the order in the order and again at Horn (16) and Schaub (18) came to other opportunities. In the 23rd minute, referee Markus Schmidt was focusing, as Dräger signed his hands in front of the body and got a cross from Horn to the hand (23). The quiet referee waited quietly at the peace of the people of Cologne and his supporters. Shortly later, the ball rose again in the net, without counting the peak. Again, Terodde was on the side, which came from Drexler this time, just by side (27). 2. Bundesliga, the 5th school day, the goats in Paderborn will allow himself in this phase – only a few attacks have been provided for relief. It was the best choice than Michel, who lost the right job (32) long lost. Terodde succeeded a little later in the third try then just the open goal. Drexler goes back to the offside line to convert Terodde, einnetzte to 1: 0 (37). But Paderborn responded to the emails: A long shot from Michel left Horn to move forward. Gueye was on the spot and pressed the ball to 1: 1 over the line (38.). The visitors were successful in winning their opening goal before half time, but Cup ran directly from Klement over the bar (43 & 39). It only took seven minutes before the resume before the lead took the lead again: Schaub's ball went to Drexler, who put his cross Clemens in front of the goal. Terodde was ready and the ball was not pushed only to 2: 1 over the line (53.). This time, instead of a direct reaction Paderborn only two minutes later, the next chance in Column: Schaub dropped skidded over Clemens left (55). Amazing back and forth Although the answer was coming a little longer, but it came: Use a pass from Hünemeier Klement in the 66 minutes when it was added to a combination. A little later, the impartiality was again in the middle: Jannes Horn and Dräger took a little in a duel, engaged and clinging. Ultimately, Schmidt decided on a penalty for Paderborn (70). Klement came in, Timo Horn put a low shot in a margin, but on the edge, Paderborn kept the upper arm – 3: 2 for the SCP (71). As a result, Paderborn put pressure on the decision, but he did not accept compensation in the final phase: The moment came before the center of Cordoba was put into a corner from the second set to 3: 3 (84). And the game has not yet gone! After that he was a pleasing last step, in which Hector had a tactical yellow-red with a yellow red from the square (87th), before Tekpetey had passed by Vasiliadis to the Paderborn renewal leadership (89). This time, the player did not let them go out, but it was clear at the same time: Michel sent the score for 5: 3 (90. 4). Secondly, Cologne gave five goals for the second series – on June 17, there were also 3: 5 against Bielefeld settings. The Cologne defense team can continue to work on Saturday's safety (18.30) in Sandhausen. Paderborn gets Sunday (13.30 clocks) at the start of Magdeburg.

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