Freiburg coach Streich: "Two weeks ago it would have been unthinkable that I'm sitting here today"

Freiburg coach Streich: "Two weeks ago it would have been unthinkable that I'm sitting here today"
  • After his herniated disc Freiburg coach Christian Streich returns in the Bundesliga match against Stuttgart back on the bench.
  • He wants to beautify a "terrible" quota, the Stuttgart Mario Gomez has scored particularly many goals against Freiburg.
  • Click here for the table of the Bundesliga.

By Christoph Ruf, Freiburg

In fact, it was Christian Streich who sat on the podium at the Freiburg Spieltag press conference. And if one had not known that a herniated disc had previously put him out of action for weeks, it would have been noted to the man with the olive green shirt and his freshly trimmed hair, when he returned to the trainer's office much more cautiously than usual.

Streich had missed the first two Bundesliga games of the season, from the hospital bed but the practice sessions with the coaching staff agreed. Assistant Lars Voßler, who had been sitting on the bench in the two defeats against Hoffenheim (1: 3) and Frankfurt (0: 1), now moves back into the second limb. According to reports, the man who also helped Jogi Löw rehearse standard situations, has made his work as a prank representative professionally good.

But the players also missed the on the sideline spirited coaching of the head coach, who "could not walk at times" and had "painful radiations" in the whole body.

Gomez scored ten times against SC Freiburg in eleven games

"Two weeks ago it would have been unthinkable for me to be sitting here today," the 53-year-old said before he arrived at the Baden-Swabian meeting against VfB Stuttgart on Sunday (6 pm), which is sometimes in the public eye is reduced to a duel of a more or less nameless Baden collective against Mario Gomez. And indeed, the newly retired national striker, who plays his 300th Bundesliga game on Sunday, scored ten times in eleven games against Freiburg.

"You have to know exactly in which situation he is doing something, there are patterns recognizable, but he does it so well, that if you do not do it optimally against him, he still scores goals," said Streich therefore, hinting that the Freiburg defensive series had a strenuous training week behind it. "The inside and outside defenders need to know where Mario Gomez usually stands, how his tracks are, when he's deliberately offside, obviously we've dealt with him because he has quality."

In general, according to the coach, "we have to defend better in the future, because it will not always be this season that we have as many chances as before." In the first two games, the SC had miraculously the second most opportunities behind Bayern, but met only once. According to Streich, this ratio is "terrible" as "terrible" as the way the goals conceded in the match against Hoffenheim.

Still open is the occupation of the right offensive trajectory

For the game of the two false starters – both teams lost the first two Bundesliga games, the VfB also dropped out in the DFB Cup against Hansa Rostock – missing the Freiburg next to Brandon Borrello and Amir Abrashi only striker Tim Kleindienst, who during the week an in-band Partial tear had closed. Still open is the occupation of the right offensive wing on which Janik Haberer could take the place of the last disappointing Luca Waldschmidt. Even the Hungarian last-minute access Roland Sallai, the stroke of TV watched in a match against Greece (Sallai met), seems to be already close to the first team. At least one squad place is possible.

The debate as to whether the Sunday match is a derby or not is easy to answer from a fan point of view. While the game is a special for many SC supporters in the absence of traditional other rivalries, the Stuttgart Annex smiled at the hostility from the tri-border region rather. Especially since they usually take place at a level ("Stuttgart assholes"), which does not want to fit into the anyway somewhat puzzling image as a student club anyway. No matter how hard they try, in Swabia they do not have anything against the small club from the Black Forest with its fanatic scene, which is largely free of kraters.

Two highly traded false starters

Schalke and Leverkusen must soon show that they are well enough to fight out of the table cellar. Otherwise threatens a momentum like the BVB three years ago.

Comment by Philipp Selldorf



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