France-Uruguay: the youth of Ndombele in Essonne

France-Uruguay: the youth of Ndombele in Essonne

At the scale of the football world, this is called a meteoric rise. Tonight, at 21, Tanguy Ndombele should honor his fourth selection with the Blues against Uruguay on the lawn of the Stade de France. Only two and a half years ago, and 10 km later, the native of Longjumeau (Essonne) was still playing a game of … CFA 2 (5th national level) with the reserve of SC Amiens in Noisy-le-Sec!

Kevin Colin, the former player of Noisy-le-Sec today in Avranches, National, remembers it as if it was yesterday: "He was everywhere, in front, behind. I had not faced anyone so strong. The same evening, I had called one of my friends in Amiens. He told me it would be a future crack. We remembered this anecdote during his first selection with the France team. "

Tanguy Ndombele against Dutchman Frenkie De Jong on November 16 in the League of Nations, 2018./AFP/John Thys

For the middle of the OL, everything started in Epinay-sous-Sénart (Essonne). He lives with his parents and brothers, Bosso (the eldest) and Daniel (the youngest), in the district of La Plaine. Tanguy lives, eats and sleeps football. At the end of classes, he leaves his bag at home and goes to play football at the stadium Alain-Mimoun or with his friends at the market place. There, the benches serve as goals. "Our whole day was football-oriented," recalls Yoane Wissa, his childhood friend who currently plays in Lorient (L2). Tanguy had to be on his team if we wanted to win. He always liked to dribble, it was his favorite gesture. We participated in many tournaments neighborhoods where children faced the big. Tanguy was never afraid of going to the duel. "

From 2002 to 2009, Tanguy Ndombele played for the Epinay-sous-Sénart club. "He was not very tall, nor very strong," says his brother Bosso who also played in the club Essonne. His game was mainly focused on his technique. At that time, he did not think of becoming a pro player. The idea came when he joined Linas-Montlhéry in 2009. "

The Essonne club, known for its training policy, welcomes Tanguy for two years. But, he has to deal with weight issues. Sometimes he goes to lunch in a fast food before playing the afternoon … "It was a kid who let himself go a little. He had not yet realized his potential that could lead him high, says Mickaël Bertansetti, president of Linas-Montlhéry. Tanguy returned 2 or 3 months in the winter of 2014 to train with us. He set himself a higher requirement and a larger amount of work. "

After three years at the Guingamp training center, then three more at SC Amiens, Tanguy sets up his bags in Lyon in August 2018. The beginning of an adventure that projects him quickly into a dimension.

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