There were almost 35,000 people in the stands of the Toulouse Stadium to attend, on November 13, 2009, the test match of the Blues against South Africa. The men of captain Thierry Dusautoir had imposed 20 to 13 after being led 13-11 at the break. Vincent Clerc had scored a try, Julien Dupuy managed four penalties and Morgan Parra one.

Since that day, the XV of France, which faces this Saturday South Africa at the Stade de France (21h05), has lost six times in a row. The last setback goes back to last year: victory of the Boks 18-17.

This Friday, it was asked the tricolor captain Guilhem Guirado why these South Africans were so difficult to beat? "Because they are complete," he said. They do a rough sape job for 80 minutes that makes you let go at times. During the summer tour of 2017, we were often close at half-time, and in the middle of the second half we started to let go because of this work of undermining. "

Louis Picamoles was 23 years old and 14 selections at the time of his tenure in the 2009 victorious match. At 32, he will celebrate his 70th selection tonight. "If you do not compete in the physical challenge and the fight against this kind of team, you do not exist, he said this week in Marcoussis. In 2009 we had done more than compete in this sector. They were well marked and it had necessarily made the task more affordable. If we do not exist on it, I do not think we can talk about victory. "

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