France-South Africa: Captain Guirado had shown the way

France-South Africa: Captain Guirado had shown the way

The audience at the Stade de France was just recovering from Teddy Thomas' incredible trial opportunity: a dream breakthrough made by forgetting two partners. So when Guilhem Guirado came out of a rally to rage in the end, he was almost surprised before exulting when the captain of the XV of France has extended his arm to flatten.

All his partners then threw himself on him to thank him for allowing the Blues to take the advantage (14-9, 37th). A tribute to the one who celebrated, at 32, his 61st selection. Captain since the beginning of the Novès era in 2016, he had indeed suffered so much disappointment that he had become a little face of a team in France chaining defeats and defeats supposedly "encouraging".

Absent during the summer tour in New Zealand to finally blow after seasons all more intense than each other, Guirado was temporarily replaced by Mathieu Bastareaud as the armband wearer. As a symbol it is the latter who scored the second French test this Saturday. "With Guilhem, we know each other well," said Bastareaud recently. I try to help him as best as possible. Because Guilhem says it very well: a captain is never alone. He can not take everything on his shoulders as he has been able to do it too long. "

He never cheats

Even if he knows a beginning of season complicated by the bad results of Toulon, Guirado remains always positive. Keeping the cuff in Blue motivates him strongly. "It gives me even more desire to fight for this jersey," he said Friday. I am also surrounded by experienced players who allow me to be at the top level. The results of Toulon are difficult at the moment but I did not feel threatened with the selection. I try to distinguish between the club and the France team. "

In the field, Guirado never cheats. Hit in yet another shock, he gets up and does not run to oppose the South African who arrives launched (63). Barely out, replaced by Chat (65th), he stops on the edge to slip some advice to Antoine Dupont who is waiting to replace Serin. Always transmit. This is his mission. And he does not intend to stop there.

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