Formula 1: severe altercation between Ocon and Verstappen

Formula 1: severe altercation between Ocon and Verstappen

We knew the explosive character of Max Verstappen. This Sunday, the Dutchman went through all the emotions, during the Brazilian Grand Prix, finally won by Lewis Hamilton. And her day did not end as well as she started on the Interlagos circuit.

Author of a brilliant race, the Red Bull rider, who was fifth on the Interlagos circuit, managed to take control of the race on lap 40, overtaking Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), the future winner. . But four laps later, Verstappen was sprained after a collision with Esteban Ocon. In a turn, the French did not get away enough.

The clash

At the price of a nice recovery, the young Dutchman managed to win the second place. A result that was not enough for his happiness, on the contrary: he found the Frenchman in the pits, after the finish, and shoved him several times, before moving away from himself, furious.

Interviewed at the microphone of Canal Plus, Ocon defended himself: "I was stuck behind him. I will double it. I passed Fernando (Alonso) and other pilots in the same way. He did not let me go and touched me. His behavior of coming to see me, to push me is crazy behavior, it is not correct. "

The altercation

The two men were summoned to explain a potential violation of the sports code of the International Automobile Federation. Verstappen was finally sentenced to two days of "public service" for pushing the Frenchman.

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