Former "Bachelor" winner Katja Kühne is pregnant

Former "Bachelor" winner Katja Kühne is pregnant

Her love for the "Bachelor" failed, but Amor's arrow met Katja Kühne in other ways. The former winner loves a footballer and now even expects new blood.

Do you remember Katja Kühne? The 33-year-old tried her luck at the "Bachelor" in 2014 and managed to conquer the heart of Christian Tews – at least for a short time. The love of the couple failed shortly after the broadcast, but for another man landed a direct hit with the mother of a 13-year-old son. RB-Leipzig kicker Marcel Sabitzer has been the man at the side of Katja for some time – and also the father of her baby. For the former "Bachelor" winner is expecting new blood.

This has been announced by the expectant mother in person. On Instagram Katja Kühne shared a photo that needs no words. Then she poses with a white swimsuit and forms a heart with her hands. And not somewhere, but right in front of her – still! – flat stomach. The photo was taken in Dubai, where Katja and her footballer were recently on vacation.

There is no commentary on the photo by Katja Kühne, but there are more and more congratulations under the image of the former "Bachelor" candidate. Also Chethrin Schulze is one of the many people who make their joy about the baby message public and get for their sweet congratulations a "thank you" and a virtual kiss by Katja Kühne in response.

When exactly the offspring will see the light of day, the expectant parents have not yet revealed. But maybe the soon-to-be mother-of-two keeps her fans on Instagram up to date with baby belly photos and exciting pregnancy details.


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