Forecasts for RPL. "Enisey" - CSKA Moscow, "Spartak" - "Anji"

Forecasts for RPL. "Enisey" - CSKA Moscow, "Spartak" - "Anji"

Yenisei – CSKA
Bets: the total is less than 2 for 2.14, at least one will not score for 1.82, "Yenisei" will not score for 2.28.
Two teams, which at the start of the new season RPL predicted hard times, scored for only one point and could not even score scored goals. With the "Yenisei" everything is more or less clear. The debutant of the league, who has modest financial capabilities, thinks about defense in every match, putting out too little strength for creation. The Krasnoyarsk team will struggle to maintain a residence permit in the top division, however, it will be incredibly difficult to do this.
The problems of CSKA are known to everyone and if the loss of the three legendary defenders, the wise Goncharenko was able to make up at a decent level, then the departure of a huge group of players responsible for the creative and brains in the middle of the field, at the moment, looks almost catastrophic.
Let's start with the most predictable rate of all possible – a total of less than 2. Krasnoyarsk in fights against Zenit and Akhmat scored a total one shot on goal, while the red and blue in the battles with Wings of the Soviets and Rostov similar shot. At the same time, there are still no goals scored, the attackers lose confidence, and most importantly – there is no constant replenishment from scoring chances. It's one thing when the team creates chances time and again, and it's not banal to it, but the other, if these chances for any match can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
The specifics of the start of the RPL are such that the team, which has gained an advantage in the score, is very likely to win. Of the 17 games already held within the championship, only four managed to excel both teams. It's funny, but in all matches with this statistics, the same clubs participated. "Rubin" defeated "Krasnodar" 2: 1, "Dynamo" broke up the world with Kazan 1: 1, "Ural" lost to the offspring of Galitsky 1: 2, and yesterday Yekaterinburg lost in the end a victory with the Khokhlov 1: 1 gang. In other cases, the goal decides everything. The bet that at least one of the opponents will not be able to distinguish goes for an excellent coefficient of 1.82, and in these conditions looks reliable.
Alenichev and Goncharenko, of course, understand that even a minimal advantage on the scoreboard will be extremely difficult to win. The hosts have a certain tactical advantage, which in fact can play a cruel joke with them. Despite the last place in the standings, the potential draw is quite satisfied with the "Yenisei", so Krasnoyarsk may from the first minutes act on the account in a closed manner.
CSKA, of course, thinks only about the victory, because of what the army team will have to create, but while this is a big difficulty. In a positional offensive, red-blue lacks mutual understanding, because the actions in the attacking phase are much more difficult to train than in defense. However, what is the probability that CSKA will start playing, having missed the smashing counterattack? Maybe Viktor Mikhailovich's wards are missing opponents at the standards at their own gates? Or Igor Akinfeev ceased to be the best goalkeeper in the country? "Yenisei" struck one blow on target for two games, so the rate that the Krasnoyarsk will not score for a coefficient higher than two looks very promising.

"Spartacus" – "Anji"
Betting: the victory of Spartak with the odds of -1.5 for 1.91, the victory of Spartak in the corner in the first half with the odds of -2.
"Spartacus", as one of the few exceptions in the domestic championship, tries in all matches to demonstrate a bright attacking football and to please their fans. Red and white have achieved a good result in the first match with PAOK, although any defeat of the country's media club itself always causes a lot of discussions and theories.
Of course, it's a pity that the guys Massimo Carrera after two goals scored in Greece stopped creating, and the coach himself was not ready for the rebuilding of the opponent, but the final score keeps excellent chances for the passage to the next stage. "Anji" by manifesting the titanic selflessness, corrected by a pinch of luck, snatched the victory in the starting round for "Ural", but it was not possible to repeat such a focus with Ufa. Makhachkala residents quickly missed, they could not reorganize, and it's too hard to be in the position of the regaining for the guys Magomed Adiev.
Carrera is a specialist who is ready to admit his mistakes and draw conclusions from them. Therefore, today the Italian will probably make several permutations in the starting lineup and force players to act in the attacking key the entire match without exception, especially the rival for this option is the most suitable. After the slap in the Champions League, I always want to rehabilitate myself in the domestic arena in order to improve my confidence, and also to calm the fans and journalists.
"Anji" in the opinion of experts has the weakest composition in the RPL, because of what bookmakers have little doubt about the success of the hosts. We'll go to a certain risk and take red and white with a handicap "-1.5". Muscovites had to make a lesson out of failure with PAOK, because today we expect charging on goals at any score.
Does this confusion of "Anji" confuse? Not at all. Bookmakers have already buried them with the "Urals", but after two rounds of today's opponents shares only one point. Magomed Adiyev will try to use free zones in the defense of "Spartacus", launching fast and brisk football players in the flanking areas of red and white. But still it is necessary to face the truth. The miracle of Makhachkala residents in Yekaterinburg can not be repeated every time. If even a modest "Ufa" broke three balls, the gang of Massimo Carrera is capable of at least a repetition.
For sure, the Italian coach will bet on a quick goal and a powerful siege at the start of the fight. This will happen to the hosts or not, but in any case, the outsider will be squeezed into his own penalty area, and the exit in the start of at least one of the pair of Ze Luis – Luis Adriano (or both) guarantees a considerable number of flanking lumbago and innings.
Red and white will try to storm Makhachkala fortress by storm. "Anji" will naturally saturate the center, especially carefully covering the area in front of the penalty area, which will give Muscovites a certain space on the flanks. Therefore, we also offer a variant with the victory of "Spartacus" in the corner in the first half with the odds of "-2". Favorite will be carried forward and will certainly get its standards, but the guests will be chosen for someone else's half only on major holidays.



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