For the first time! NFL will have men as animators

For the first time! NFL will have men as animators

MEXICO CITY.- The NFL's 2018 season will see the men's cheerleading debut on the sidelines of the grid, after the Rams and Saints cheerleaders added men to their ranks.
For the first time, men will be part of a squad of cheerleaders in the NFL. The protagonists of this historic event have already begun to prepare. The dancers Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies have already joined the Rams animation group. For his part, Jesse Hernandez joined the Saints.
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"I still can not believe I'm one of the first men in history to be an NFL professional animator!" Jinnies wrote on Twitter after his successful audition with the Rams.
"I thought … and why not me? Why can not I do this? "Peron said during an interview on ABC's famous" Good Morning America "program. Both have dazzled at their auditions and earned a place in the Rams cheerleader group.
Other teams, such as the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens, have men in their cheerleading squad but are in charge of performing stunts and do not dance.
A month from the start of the 2018-2019 season, the NFL is already beating this historic change that could lead to other revolutionary milestones for American football.

Still can not belive I'm one of the first evils in history to be a pro NFL cheerleader! Everyone's support and love has been insane! 😭 thank you and GO RAMS! @RamsNFL @LARamsCheer #LARams
– Napoleon Jinnies (@NapoleonJinnies) March 27, 2018

Cheerleading teams have become an inherent part of the NFL, but it has also been a controversial issue in recent months due to reports of abuses suffered by cheerleaders in their work.
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