Seven arrests, violence, property damage: The game between 1860 and Halle has an aftermath.

The police report from last Saturday had it all in: seven arrests, a police officer with broken nose, late subways, fights, mug and lighter throws in the stadium, 200 police officers in continuous use. The events surrounding the match between TSV 1860 München and Halleschen FC (1-1) were not massive, organized riots. But they were the first endurance test regarding the question, to what extent the football third division 1860 of his old, new home Grünwalder Stadium may be certain.

It could have been much worse. Although residents and motorists were annoyed that even one hour after the game the Grünwalder road was still closed. However, it is reported from the 1860 fan camp that the separation between the Reds from Saxony-Anhalt and the native Blues worked very well. One thing is certain: The sixties were not carried away by brawls and other acts of violence.

A place where the fan separation but can not work, is the main grandstand, where it came on Saturday to riots. According to DFB requirements, guest fans are entitled to ten percent of the standing and seating positions, but the latter is only possible in the Grünwalder Stadium if the main grandstand is included, where there are around 1,000 more or less moderate sixty fans. The Hallesches FC was the first club in the current season, which needed all 1500 cards. Probably only thanks to the intercession of the support police, it remained with mutual abuse. According to the sports office, the lack of structural separation between blocks A and B "is reacting with an increased presence of the security service and, if necessary, with the police". One hopes that the incidents remain an isolated case, but will analyze them. There is a need for discussion, because a similar potential for violence threatens at the upcoming home games. Against the FSV Zwickau (1 December) is not excluded that friends Dynamo Dresden fans with arrive. Against Jena in mid-December, some expect that will mix with the Thuringian friendly Bayern fans in the guest block to instigate quarrels. And in early March comes Hansa Rostock.

The incidents of the weekend must be worked on until then. Ironically, the fan representative of Halleschen FC criticized in the Central German newspaper the security concept, because Halle fans were collected opposite the stadium in front of a 1860 fan pub. There were confrontations, of course. Questionable were statements that "the overwhelming majority of our fans behaved very prudently," and that "no hooligans" traveled to Munich. This contrasts sharply with eyewitness accounts, which say that more has happened than the police report. So after the game in the stadium alone, more than just seven arrested with handcuffs put on have stayed. In addition, the toilets of the East stand were demolished and smeared. Several folders were spat on, photographers were thrown with beer mugs. At least one person is said to have shown the forbidden Hitler salute.



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