• The German Football Association recorded a minus of just under 20.3 million euros for the 2017 financial year.
  • The main reason for this are the additional payments to the Frankfurt tax office in the wake of the affair of the 2006 World Cup, says DFB Treasurer Osnabrügge at a press conference.

As expected, the tax affair surrounding the 2006 World Cup has torn a big hole in the box office of the German Football Association (DFB). For the financial year 2017, the association reported a loss for the first time in the total amount of EUR 20.263 million. A total of 22.57 million euros cost the tax arrears, which had been imposed in the course of the apparently taxed tax return 2006. DFB Treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge emphasized that the DFB is nevertheless "still healthy" and able to fulfill its "obligations". The association very much hopes "that the economic burdens of the past will make us look to the future again," said Osnabrügge: "The DFB has a solid economic foundation that gives us planning security." The DFB is emerging stronger from this crisis. "

Clenched fist in row one

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By Johannes Aumüller, Nyon, and Thomas Kistner

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In total, the DFB took in 323.928 million euros in 2017 (2016: 290.366 million). This contrasted with expenses of 355.984 million (294.788 million). In the previous year, the DFB still recorded a profit of 7.807 million. In 2017, reserves of 11.703 million (12.329 million) were used on a scheduled basis. Equity fell in 2017 by 31.967 million. "No sports federation can represent such a one-time burden from the current household, without the result being clearly distorted", said Osnabrügge. The DFB has already appealed against the amended tax assessments.

Background of the additional payment is the still unexplained purpose of the payment of the 6.7 million euros in the year 2005 over the world federation Fifa to the former Adidas boss Robert Louis Dreyfus. The DFB had recorded the sum in its tax declaration in 2006 as a contribution to a World Cup gala, which never took place. Involved in the supposed concealment was the former World Cup Organizing Committee. "In particular, the subject of damages will continue to accompany us," said Osnabrügge: "The DFB will pursue corresponding claims." Accused by the Frankfurt prosecutor are ex-DFB-Presidents Wolfgang Niersbach and Theo Zwanziger as well as the long-time DFB General Secretary Horst R. Schmidt and the former Fifa Secretary General Urs Linsi.

For "all risks", which could result in a tax audit, the DFB has made provisions in the amount of 17 million euros, said Osnabrügge. A high cost factor in the future will be the DFB Academy, which will cost up to 150 million and should be built by the beginning of 2021. Half of it wants the DFB with equity, the other half on loans. In 2017, the Academy project cost 1.25 million.

No more fairy tales, please

A tournament goes to Germany? Since the scandals for the 2006 World Cup would be the alarm lights start. Once again, criteria such as human rights were not decisive – but there is still reason for hope.

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