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Five recruiting rivalries will follow in the next decade – Rivals.com


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Kirby Smart and Nick Saban

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ASK FARRELL: Will Urban Meyer come back for coaching at some point?

With Urban MeyerDecision to leave Ohio State, his recruitment rivalry with the coach of Michigan Jim Harbaugh is finished. But here are five major recruiting rivalries that should take years in college football.


Oklahoma has landed two out of the four five stars in the recruitment cycle in the state of Texas – Texas A & M received pledges from the other two – and they are big in the receivers Theo Wease, the top-in-state prospect, and Trejan Bridges. Allowing the Sooners to enter the state and reload with that talent level at the receiver should be worrisome in Austin.

But last recruiting cycle, Tom Herman and his employees landed five of the six best in-state players, and some of them have already helped on the defensive side. Herman is 43 years old; Riley is only 35 years old and is already being called for NFL jobs. If the two of them even stay in their respective schools for a decent time, these recruiting matches for top players in the state of Texas should be legendary.

Farrell & # 39; s take: This will be your first encounter in college football for the foreseeable future, and fun on recruiting levels and in the field. Oklahoma has had the best of it so far despite the defeat this season, however Texas is currently recruiting in front of them and has a great geographical recruiting advantage. Texas is slowly getting ready to take on the Big 12, or at least making it competitive every season, which was not the case Charlie Strong, Both boys can recruit younger players.


In the field Meyer owned Harbaugh. When recruiting Meyer Harbaugh possessed. Facts are facts and Ohio state has won every recruiting title of the Big Ten teams since 2010. The Buckeyes have also beaten Michigan Seven times in a row and 14 of the last 15 Meyer is no longer there, so the recruitment battles between Harbaugh and the new coach of the State of Ohio Ryan Day could be really interesting.

Both Big Ten coaches are fighting each year for the best prospects for the Midwest, but Meyer made his money in Florida and Texas, and Harbaugh was successful in both the Southeast and Texas. Harbaugh is now the best-known coach. Can he turn it into more recruiting victories over Day and the Buckeyes and then transfer them to victories in the field?

Farrell & # 39; s take: The gap between the state of Ohio and Michigan is closed with the retirement of Meyer. This is a big win for Michigan, as they can now recruit on a multi-level field with Ohio State and probably compete better on the field. Day is a good recruiter and an excellent young coach, but for the first time, Harbaugh could have the upper hand in the Michigan Ohio state.


Taggart displaces Mullen in his first recruiting class, especially with high-end in-state prospects State of Florida has three commitments in the top 10 – five-star Cornerback Akeem Dent, four-star safety Brendan Gant and four-star offensive guard Dontae Lucas. Florida currently has none.

But the Gators have the # 20 recruiting class (five posts behind the state of Florida) with ten four-star commitments, and more could come. Five-star defender Kayvon Thibodeaux from California visits this weekend. The worst thing about Taggart is that he is an excellent recruiter, but he has a defeat as head coach. The hit on Mullen is that he's a solid, but not a phenomenal recruiter, but a great X and Os guy.

There might be heat on Taggart already after a terrible first season, but if he can stabilize things in Tallahassee, these two young, aggressive coaches should have some epic battles in the coming years.

Farrell & # 39; s take: The recruiter vs. Developer is a good story, but it will take a few years for it to develop. The chaos in Florida State is too big to clean up next season, but in a few seasons this could be a good match. The recruitment of Florida has declined in recent years, but if the Gators win like this year under Mullen, this is likely to change. The state of Florida is always recruiting well, even in the postseason, but there are serious questions about whether Taggart is the right one. This depends on Taggart turning over the Seminoles. If he does, it will be a funny rivalry to follow.


Both coaches have other recruiting engagements that Fisher struggles to fight off, including Texas and Oklahoma, and Orgeron constantly dips Alabama in Louisiana. That's enough of a headache, but then Fisher and Orgeron also have a Battle Royale for players, especially in the Houston area and in this talented part of the country on the Texas / Louisiana border.

LSU was in Texas with K'Lavon Chaisson, Austin Deculus and many others For Fisher, it's important to have five stars like Erick Young and Kenyon Green at home, which he successfully completed in this recruiting cycle. The Houston area will be covered by Zachary Evans 5-star races each year including 2020. Fisher and Orgeron will cancel the recruitment path over him and many others.

Farrell & # 39; s take: This would not have been a matchup seen before this season as Orgeon was hot and expected a tough season. But here we are. The LSU had a very good year, Orgeron is a great recruiter and Fisher is already building a talented squad for Texas A & M. Whom do you give the advantage of recruiting? It's kind of a throw, and if both programs are further improved, this could be a great match, which could even be significant if Nick Saban ever retired.


If there is such a thing as the Holy Trinity to recruit battles, that would be it – and it is not even over. These are three of the game's best coaches, all three running programs that are a national title contender each season, and they're in the southeast of the country where incapacitated recruiting battles are a popular lifestyle.

Dabo Swinney Alabama has completed the last recruiting cycle and stolen five-star receiver Justyn Ross from Crimson Tide. For the first time since 2012, the state's top player did not go to Alabama.

On the way to the recruiting title of the team in the last cycle, Georgia and Alabama got heads on many top prospects, and the Bulldogs pushed the Crimson Tide out.

Saban has been in the recruitment championships and field titles for the last few years. Many top prospects, especially in the southeast, will end in Alabama, Georgia or the USA Clemson, Rarely, not all three programs are involved at some point.

Farrell & # 39; s take: This is not just about recruiting battles but also about battles in the field, but Clemson has played Alabama in some major games (understatement of the year) and Georgia has become a serious challenger to the tide. These teams have a great deal of recruiting and the battles are epic. Let's not forget that Jake Fromm was a former Alabama engagement Kirby Smart flipped to Georgia. Hopefully we will see this recruiting fight and important matches in the fields of these three for a long time.


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