Fireworks: Beuth wants punishment tightening when using pyrotechnics

Fireworks: Beuth wants punishment tightening when using pyrotechnics

HInterior and Sports Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) calls for a significant tightening of punishment in the use of pyrotechnics in football stadiums. "1000-degree pyros have nothing to do with fan culture," said Beuth in Wiesbaden. "In the hands of violent chaos, they not only injure the respiratory tract of innocent stadium visitors, but also become life-threatening projectiles." In the Bundesliga match between Borussia Dortmund and Hertha BSC, several stadium visitors and task forces were recently injured by the burning down of so-called Bengalos in the stadium.

"If the clubs are still not able to keep their stadiums free of pyrotechnics, the state has to draw conclusions and treat Bengalos according to the Explosives Act and continue to outlaw it," Beuth emphasized at the Sports Ministers' Conference in St. Wendel, Saarland , "Therefore must apply: who bundles in the stadium goes to jail."

According to the Hessian initiative, the use of explosive substances in or against crowds should be punished with at least one year in prison. For this, the explosives law must be amended accordingly, said the minister. So far, the illicit burning of pyrotechnic articles is treated as a regulatory offense with a fine that may vary from country to country. According to the CDU politician, the initiative should also be on the agenda of the Conference of Interior Ministers at the end of November in Magdeburg.

Chaotic hunting scenes and mass brawls

Hesse is also examining an extension of the administrative cost system in order to be able to bill "problem fans" for certain police measures in future, the minister said. Fans with a propensity for violence would often avoid local public transport due to the police's heavy control pressure, and would instead drive to the sporting events on specially hired buses.

"I'm not ready to accept that the police are following these problem buses with great effort, so that our highways do not chaotic hunting scenes or rest areas to mass brawls and paid in the end taxpayers," said Beuth. As another "tactical means" to curb violence, especially around football, these mission costs will be charged to these problem fans in the future.


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