Ultimate Christmas tag shows in Vancouver in the final end of the Grand Prix in real skating. In the contest led by American Nathan Chen, the skater is Russia's fifth Sergei Voronov.
Final Grand Prix
Vancouver, Canada
Free program
The start is 8.35 am Moscow (December 8), the broadcast is live on the "TV TV" TV channel.
Start List
1. Sergey Voronov (Russia)
2. Cha Zhong Hwan (South Korea)
3. Keegan Messing (Canada)
4. Nathan Chen (United States of America)
5. Michal Brzezina (Czech Republic)
6. Shoma Uno (Japan)
Stand after a short program
1. Nathan Chen (United States of America) – 92.99
2. Shoma Uno (Japan) – 91.67
3. Michal Brzezina (Czech Republic) – 89.21
4. Cha Zhong Hwan (South Korea) – 89.07
5. Sergey Voronov (Russia) – 82.96
6. Keegan Messing (Canada) – 79.56
Schedule to the Grand Prix Calendars in a skating figure in Vancouver


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