Mathieu WARNIER, published on Friday, November 09, 2018 at 4:40 pm
The French Rugby Federation has formed its accounts for 2017-2018 and announces, after "exceptional events", that there will be 7.35 million euro deficit. That the FFR accounts are red, it was intended, however, contrary to the initial plans provided up to a deficit of 340 000 euro, the figure is far higher than this estimate. In a statement made available on its official website, the Federation announces that "its exceptional events" have made its accounts very much. The first of these events is the commitment of the campaign on Bernard Laporte to eliminate the "Grand Stade" super-construction project that results in two million and € half provisions. Withdrawal described as "guaranteeing the salvador and financial health of the Federation". The second justification provided by the FFR is to organize the World Cup By 20 this summer as part of a "repurchase strategy to restore France's place to the international scene."
Novès and 2023, two financial finances for the FFR
This international strategy has been symbolized by the third "exceptional event" that the Federation has put forward: the organization of the World Cup 2023 against Ireland and South Africa. In order to justify itself, the FFR argues that "the estimated 2023 World Cup investment is 50 to 60 million euros in net profits for the Federation in 2023". The burden that the burden does not occur than the federal accounts but beyond Bernard Laporte's decision to get rid of Guy Novès as a French XV coach to replace Jacques Brunel. "A sports decision decided to order the French XV on the one hand, and accepted the financial plan on the other hand," makes an opinion on the FFR in its statement. Accounts certified by the auditor, in accordance with the same press release, "without reservation" at the first general financial meeting.


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