Feel 'Ojitos' shame and shame -Reform - 08/10/2018

The coach Enrique Meza was embarrassed and embarrassed by the way in which Puebla played against Veracruz. The helmsman did not keep anything and assured that the defeat was deserved because his teammates do not play easy, but with unnecessary luxuries. what we are doing because we made so many mistakes, we did not play well the first time "We put ourselves up with an own goal, then we had the 2-0, we do not want to do it, we want to disguise the play," he said. Meza ruled out rescuing something good from the match because the camoteros were inoperative during the match. "Everything was bad and it seems to me that there is very little to rescue because we have stopped playing, now we are only dividing the ball", he explained. On the mistakes of goalkeeper Nicolás Vikonis in the two scores, the The coach minimized the issue, but stressed his disappointment at the performance of the team that does not play what he trains. "They work very well in training, but on game day we are not being It's nothing functional and it causes me a lot of grief, a lot of embarrassment "he lamented. He also said that the last two defeats have shown nervousness in the end zone and that is why they have lost two consecutive games.

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