FC Unterföhring: In search of the nose

FC Unterföhring: In search of the nose

The relegated rewarded in 1: 1 against Kottern not for his dedicated performance.

By Christian Bernhard, Unterföhring

The essence of teams in the cellar is that they lack something. What that means at FC Unterföhring became clear on Saturday afternoon. The regional league relegated, who is now bottom of the table in the Bayernliga Süd, dominated the TSV Kottern, who is in second place, over long stretches of the game, but did not come out over a 1-1 (1-0). "I can not blame the team, a lot more is not in it," said coach Peter Faber, before he brought the dilemma to the point: "Front we need a clippers, that's our problem."

Föhrings goalkeeper does not have to intervene for 70 minutes, then suddenly the equalizer falls

The first half clarified what FC Unterföhring is currently capable of playing. The hosts earned themselves five corners in the first 13 minutes alone, especially over their fast attacking foreign players Malcom Olwa-Luta and Nasrullah Mirza they brought the Allgäuern repeatedly problems. Defensive they were also good: The FCU was snappy and fought in midfield many balls, as the aggressive Gegenpressing worked well and the guests were delivered early. Kottern's midfielder Mathias Franke loudly demanded of his teammates after 16 minutes: "Come into the game!" He and his coach Esad Kahric missed the ball security, which had a lot to do with the fact that the Unterföhringer the TSV barely allowed to breathe. The analysis of Kottern coach Kahric's first 45 minutes was an indirect tribute to the FCU: "We were unable to implement our plan at all."

The more than deserved reward was the 1-0 of Olwa-Luta, who was on the spot after a throw-in from the right and a header extension in the center and inserted the ball from six meters to the bottom left (45.). Unterföhring's goalkeeper Daniel Shorunkeh-Sawyerr did not have a ball in the first 45 minutes.

Kahric strolled even more thoughtfully than usual to his bank before the start of the second half, but then saw two good offensive actions by his team in the first four minutes of the game, two more than in the first 45 minutes. The initial momentum of TSV but fast fizzled, the game became hectic, because both teams made numerous fast ball losses. Although Olwa-Luta and Mirza continued to employ Kottern's defense, compulsory counter-situations only seldom arose for the FCU. "The 1-0 brought some sense of security in our game, you are then forward no longer so present," said Faber. So it was in minute 71 suddenly quiet as a mouse on Unterföhrings Bank, as Matthias Jocham headed for a corner to 1: 1. It was the first score that came on the FCU goal. "Happily we are not at the moment," said Faber.

When Kottern Roland Fichtl flew with red in the 77th minute, because he had kicked the escaping Olwa-Luta in midfield from behind in the legs, Faber went into the risk of substitution of Michael Marinkovic and saw how his team the Allgäu in their Penalty area urged. Substitute Alpay Özgül (92.) and Olwa-Luta (93.) also missed their chances. Faber emphasized that the coaching team is trying to take the pressure off, "but the players are putting themselves under pressure, knowing that we are penultimate and the others are moving farther away." An enforcer would do it particularly well. Faber revealed that the club is looking around intensively for a striker who "has the nose, if we got one, it would be great," he said. The problem is that such players are rare and "know their market value," he stressed.

The pressure will not be smaller at the next game: The derby at FC Ismaning on Saturday is doubly explosive, as well as the FCI tabular is anything but good.


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