FC Bayern prohibits Wollmützen's fans activity 1. FC Nuremberg - News WEB.DE

FC Bayern prohibits Wollmützen's fans activity 1. FC Nuremberg - News WEB.DE

Updated on 07 December 2018, 22:00
Before the Bayern Munich FC defeat against 1. Nuremberg "small-minded" FC ensures the motivator's record record in the host support camp. Bundesliga materials can be found here in winter that it is cold. Also and especially in the football stadium there is a severe cold risk. Therefore, the Nuremberg fan had a great idea for the trip to Munich Allianz Arena on the 14th day of the Bundesliga: wool caps in the color of the club's colors. They tear two birds with one stone: the caps go hot and at the same time the band is with their own club. FC Bayern supports the fans of the club back The attachment from France but has made the bill without the Bayern. The host prohibited planned distribution of 5,000 caps before the entrance to the guest block. Bayern rely on her home on the right. The Ultra-Blog "Ya Pasta!" A corresponding message for Nuremberg fan support.
"We are angry about the much-mental responsibility of responsible people in Munich", known as "Ya Basta!". The Bavarians responded appropriately also to weeks ago with commitment. How dangerous are hats made of wool? "Why wool hats are now banned, our imagination is determined. What is so dangerous for wool? What are the Bavarians due to, what should happen?" Ask the authors in the Nuremberg fan organ . Despite the anger, they warn about the estimated 7,000 in FCN Munich consonants to decide before Allianz Arena makes a false reaction. It is unlikely that the words that choose to rise will succeed. The statement states, referring to the unknown police inadequacy strategy of Munich: "We will not put the Glubb family in front of the danger that they will come against an appeal with bluffed clubs."

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