• For the first time since 2003, FC Barcelona have conceded four goals in their own stadium against Betis Sevilla.
  • The team has a defensive problem, conceding 18 goals.
  • Against Betis also pats the German goalkeeper ter Stegen.

The scene in the 89th minute was perhaps symptomatic of the evening of FC Barcelona. Three Barça players were waiting at the back post and substitute Arturo Vidal could easily have hit the ball with his head over the line. But his colleague Gerard Piqué came before him, did not hit the leather ideal and took his teammate and thus also FC Barcelona the chance to prevent the disaster yet. 2: 4 was at the time against Betis Sevilla, that shortly after at least Lionel Messi shortened to 3: 4, nothing helped.

And so it remained from this curious home bust of the Catalans against the Anadalusian pictures of trouble. The involuntary header duel between Piqué and Vidal came after the game in the center circle a work-up, both talked angrily one another. Although the two cops tried to cover their mouths by hand, the television cameras caught the dispute. He should also be due to the frustration of the second defeat of the season. It was a bankruptcy that revealed much of what's going wrong with Barça.

The audience punished their team with silence

Real Betis really did not want to succeed on Sunday afternoon. Barcelona has not conceded goals for a long time – four at home in the Nou Camp, that was the last time 15 years ago, when a certain Roy Makaay played the party crasher with Deportivo La Coruña. In this respect, this 3: 4 defeat against Sevilla has almost historical character. Even two goals from Messi after his three-week injury break and a substitute Vidal could not prevent the Super Gau against the table fourteenth.

A chess player for the Royal

He reads Nietzsche and shines as a speaker: The Argentinian Santiago Solari is currently new coach at Real Madrid – some see him as the next Zidane.

By Javier Cáceres


The audience punished their team with silence, ghost hour in the stadium, such disintegration of Barça is rarely experienced. The advantage over Sevilla FC, which is second in the table, has shrunk to one point and the direct pursuers, including Real Madrid, have all won this matchday 12 in Spain. Barça has 24 points in the lead, with ten points more at the same time last season.

The master is currently plagued by a whole cornucopia of problems, starting with the extremely fickle defensive, the defensive boss Piqué does not get organized. Another comparison: if there were only four goals conceded after 12 games in the past year, the team had already conceded 18 goals – Barcelona has the sixth worst defense in La Liga, "We know the problem," Piqué admitted, calling for better defense in the collective.

Against Betis scored the conceded to 1: 3 even the otherwise so sovereign German keeper Marc-André ter Stegen. His anniversary day he ruined himself so: After his 92nd use for Barcelona, ​​he is now the German goalkeeper with the most inserts in Spain's first division. At Barça after the departure of the club icons Xavi and Iniesta the change is more difficult than expected, despite championship leaders and victories in the Champions League appear the lectures under coach Ernesto Valverde not always solid. "A step backwards", so headline Barcelona's largest sports paper Mundo Deportivo in yellow letters – summed up the frustration with the image of desperate Pique and Vidal at the gate.

A pun on the name of Dembélé

In addition, the club has to deal with side wars such as Ousmane Dembélé. He had been eliminated from the squad before the game against Betis by coach Valverde, because he had not appeared without training for training. "Dembelío" baptized him then Mundo Deportivo. The wordplay with the surname of the French plus the ending lío instead of means chaos, but it can also describe someone who has simply been lost.

No inappropriate description so it's not the first indiscipline of the French. Instead of standing in the square, he sat against Sevilla with a winter hat and gold goggles in the stands and saw the bankruptcy of his colleagues. Before the next tasks are now on cleanup. After the international break Barça must be in the capital for a duel with Atlético Madrid.

Barça loses patience

Although Barcelona are currently without Lionel Messi, Ousmane Dembélé remains on the bench. Meanwhile, growing doubts about the character adequacy of ex-Dortmunders.

By Christoph Söller




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