F1 live: Singapore Grand Prix 2018 - latest updates

F1 live: Singapore Grand Prix 2018 - latest updates

ONAs pleased as Hamilton was, Vettel was deflated. And he really saw it. This was (another!) Weekend, where Ferrari was favorites and where he had to beat Lewis Hamilton. In Hamilton's unbeatable lap, everything evaporated in less than a hundred seconds. To make matters worse, he ranks behind Max Verstappen in the Red Bull, who drove a very, very good lap to finish second despite the problems with the motor ability and to be far down in the speed traps.

Nevertheless, Singapore is a long race and much can happen in its two-hour duration. Even in the first few seconds can happen a lot, as we have found out last year, as Verstappen, Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen collided from the starting line and eliminated them almost immediately.

Max Verstappen will be thrilled when the lights go out and Hamilton and Vettel could cause one or two problems. Other interesting strategic situations will turn out in the race, with some cars likely to stop and others probably to two stops. A safety car (or two …) might appear and give others an opportunity for an opposite strategy. How important will Bottas and Raikkonen be in the second Mercedes and Ferrari? Expect some aggressive strategy moves on the field.

Hamilton currently has a 30-point lead and has more to lose than Verstappen. When the riders reach their starting point, their advantage increases to 40 points and only six races left. A massive leadership, to be honest.

We do not have to search for a long time. I will be here for the next few hours with all the setup, live updates and reaction to a crucial race in the 2018 season.


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