Everton vs Watford: Marco Silva is looking forward to meeting Hornets - Watford Observer

Everton vs Watford: Marco Silva is looking forward to meeting Hornets - Watford Observer

Everton boss Marco Silva says he looks forward to his former employer Watford.

The meeting of the Premier League on Monday at Goodison Park will meet Silva for the first time since firing in January against the Hornets.

He said, "It's not the first time in my life, and certainly will not be the last.

"I'm looking forward to the game, a safe game, and it will be good to see some of the players who have worked with me, some good friends I have in the club."

Silva took over the lead in Watford in the summer of 2017 and lost only one of the first eight league games under him.

When the Hornets overthrew the Portuguese after a win in eleven games, they said Everton's "unfair approach" for him earlier this season was the trigger for their decision.

Silva had been a target for Everton following the dismissal of Ronald Koeman in October. The later successor of the Dutchman was Sam Allardyce, the Silva replaced in May.

Watford filed an official complaint with the Premier League, allegedly for having taken an "illegal" approach by Everton, and in September it was known that the League had asked a law firm to initiate an investigation into the matter.

Silva was asked what he expected from the Watford fans, given how things ended for him in the club, and whether he regretted it.

He replied, "It is not important to talk about such situations.

"What I expect from the atmosphere in the stadium is exactly what I saw yesterday (when Everton drew 1-1 against Newcastle) – that's the most important thing for me – our fans came yesterday to really join our team support."

Before the Monday competition, Everton and Watford are sixth and eleventh in the table.

The team of Silva is two places higher than Manchester United, with the same score.

On Tuesday, United boss Jose Mourinho said he believes Everton will not end the Red Devils season.

And Silva said today: "It is his prediction, nothing more, he knows what his obligation is and what is the obligation?"

"Top six, he knows and let's see at the end of the season if his prediction is right or not."

Everton scored only one goal against Newcastle despite scoring 19 shots. In the previous three games, they had scored only one goal – a 0-0 at Chelsea, a 1-0 against Cardiff and a 1-0 at Liverpool.

In response to Everton's claim to have a striker in January, Silva said, "I understand your question, but how many clubs are trying to find a striker who scores more than 20 goals or 25 goals or 30 goals?

"I think it's a question for all Premier League managers right now.

"I'm happy with the players we have, of course we do our homework, we know what we want.

"My job is to work with the players we currently have to develop and develop our team."


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