RB Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick was visibly eaten after the unnecessary defeat at the end. In the cauldron of Glasgow the Bundesliga club lost the potential point win within a minute. And thus a small preliminary decision in matters of knockout round of the Europa League. In addition, the heavy Bundesliga home game against Bayer Leverkusen is already waiting on Sunday. "I think we played a very good second half – with an underground defense on the goals against. We defended ourselves negligently on both goals and got ourselves second-half wages, "Rangnick told Nitro:" It was the behavior on the conceded. "

In the first round did not go much to the Saxons after the fast backlog in the 11th minute. Especially as the Scottish champion ran aground in a completely different condition than in the 0-2 defeat in Leipzig. Glasgow formerly closed the rooms, the pressing was much more effective than in the first leg. As a result, the RB striker had little room and problems to gain possession and RB a meager pass rate of 66 percent. The solution: tearing more gaps through draft to bring disorder into the Celtic defense. "We did that at halftime and did a lot better in the second half," said Kevin Kampl.

Not even a minute after the jubilant mood of the Leipzig after the equalization by Jean-Kevin Augustin followed the low blow. After the winning goal, there is pure ecstasy among the Scots, also Edelfan and rocker Rod Stewart freaked out. How could that happen? Such a correct explanation had none at RB. "We were not awake at 0: 1 and not at the second goal. It's annoying to go on the trip and sleep twice as much, "argued Marcel Halstenberg, a substitute for injured Marcello Saracchi.

For the first time this season, neither Kevin Kampl nor Diego Demme were in the starting eleven. Stefan Ilsanker played in the central defense as a six and should help shape the game. He did not succeed. When Kampl / Demme came on in half two, there was a significant increase in the number of goals. Kampl had two huge chances. But Rangnick saw it differently. "On the one hand, we have another game in three days and, on the other hand, other players who have not played recently are well rested. That's why we started with the team. I do not think that was the key to the game's progress, "said the 60-year-old.

Despite the first defeat, RB Leipzig has the progress in their own hands. The Saxons have behind the sovereign leader RB Salzburg (12) as Celtic six points. The direct comparison against Celtic Leipzig has won thanks to the 2-0 in the first leg. In the last duels in Salzburg (November 29th) and Trondheim (December 13th) RB is not allowed to play. Especially spicy is the duel in Salzburg. Because the Austrians are not sure yet qualified despite the four victories. Theoretically, Salzburg, Leipzig and Celtic could all end up with twelve points. Because the direct comparison of all encounters among these three teams would decide on the progress. Since the score would be equal, would decide 1) the better goal difference, 2) the larger number of goals scored, 3) the larger number of away goals.

The heavy Bundesliga home game awaits Leipzig on Sunday Bayer Leverkusen. The team of coach Heiko Herrlich made the knockout round of the Europa League prematurely clear with the 1-0 against FC Zurich. And comes with a sense of achievement in the fair city. "We have won so many games before, you do not have to react now. We'll continue where we stopped at home, "Kampl said. RB had previously not lost ten games in a row and conceded no goal six times in a row.



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