• Eintracht Frankfurt face Lazio Roma on Matchday 2 of the Europa League. Under the Romans, an ex-Dortmunder really blossomed: Ciro Immobile.
  • He is by far the top earner in a team that actually runs rather sparingly. That's just what could Lazio be fatal.

Not that Ciro Immobile Frankfurt would know very well. But not so long ago, the Lazio striker played in the Bundesliga. Borussia Dortmund had hired the Neapolitan in 2014, at that time Immobile was a talent and at Torino Torino just scored the Serie A top scorer. At Borussia he turned out to be a disappointment. A pseudo-giant, who became closer from game to game smaller. Immobile scored five goals in 14 appearances, and when he left after only a year, not only did he not cry. In interviews with Italy's press, the assailant found only derogatory words for the country and people in Westphalia: the people, including colleagues, were not hospitable and their kitchen was inedible.

The neighbors in Unna, where Immobile lived at that time, complained in return about the fact that the professional boomed too loud in the potent car through the streets of the small town. You just did not get warm with each other. Recently Immobiles Frau mewed against the Gazzetta dello sportIn Germany one would not be noticed if one does not speak German. In Spain, at Sevilla FC, it was not much better. Ciro completed eight missions with two goals. And then it was enough with the foreign country that called home.

Honest memoirs of a gladiator

"I have read zero books, this is the first one": Perpetual Roma capitano Francesco Totti presents his autobiography in the Coliseum. Visit to a person, who embodies one thing above all: a lot of love.

By Birgit Schönau

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Immobile meets for Lazio as he wants, in Italy and Europe

Since 2016, Ciro Immobile plays for the Società Sportiva Lazio in Rome. And lo and behold, it works, and how. At the age of 28, Immobile has reached the zenith of its success. If he plays again this Thursday in Germany, the Europa League duel against Eintracht in Frankfurt, he does so as a strong man in the team. Everything revolves around him, the indispensable. With 29 goals in the previous year he was top scorer in the league (same: Mauro Icardi of Inter), with eight goals, the best in the Europa League (equal: Aritz Aduriz of Athletic Bilbao). Immobiles results ensured that Lazio could play international again as last year's fifth – even though the last Champions League participation was ten years ago.

It has been established in the middle class, to strive higher, would be too expensive. Club president Claudio Lotito, who took over the traditional club 14 years ago for less than 20 million euros, is notorious for its thriftiness. Instead of spending his money on high wages, the cleaning company prefers to invest in a collection of football clubs – now Lotito also owns the second division Salerno Calcio. In the last parliamentary elections, he ran in vain for Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia.



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