This is a new blow for PSG in the case of Football Leaks. According to information from Mediapart, recruiters of young people from Paris SG had to fill out cards containing ethnic origin – "French", "Maghrebi", "West Indians", "African" – future nuggets. It was Marc Westerloppe who was responsible for the recruitment at the time of the events (between 2014 and 2017), under the aegis of Olivier Létang then sports director.

The latter, in a statement sent to AFP, said "deeply shocked and hurt" by "these attacks that affect me personally but also those who are close to me." He strongly condemns the accusations, stating that "racism and discrimination have no place in sport".

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Oliver Létang has since left the PSG in 2017 to become president of Rennes last January. His "head of monitoring and individual development of players" is none other than the same Marc Westerloppe. Yann Gboho would be one of those young sportsmen who paid for this "ethnic selection". After being refused by PSG, the young 17-year-old midfielder signed at … Rennes in August 2018.


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