The shock wave of revelations concerning ethnic criteria applied by recruiters from the PSG training center continues to shake French football. Already at the center of recent controversies, again of the Football Leaks executives, on how he would have bypassed financial fair play the club of the capital is this time faced with facts that recall those of the business of quotas, which had shaken in 2011 the French Football Federation and the coach of the then French team, Laurent Blanc.

Seven years later, the FFF goes logically to the niche, via its president Noël Le Graët, who told us on Thursday: "These kinds of practices, if they are completely proven, are not only wrong in terms of ethics and of morality. They also fall under the law. Nobody has the right to file football players according to the color of their skin. And then, as president of the FFF, I want to remind you that football and sport in general must be places of welcome, tolerance, openness and respect for secularism. Ethnic registration is the opposite of the essence of sport. There is still no question for the FFF to give legal follow-up to this case, it is still too early for that. But I would like to meet soon the people targeted by this information to be able to exchange with them ".


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