Erdogan on Özil Affair: "Racism must come to an end"

Erdogan on Özil Affair: "Racism must come to an end"

Dhe Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made at the conclusion of his state visit in connection with the resignation of the Turkish -born former world champion Mesut Özil from the German national football team violent allegations of xenophobia against Germany. "Such a racism must come to an end," said Erdogan at the opening of a new Ditib Mosque in Cologne on the consequences of his photo with Özil and also Turkish national player Ilkay Gündogan four months ago in London.

The criticism of the German public in the picture because of the incompatibility of Erdogan's autocratic style of government and a fundamental catalog of values ​​for German national players presented the state guest from the Bosphorus as isolation of the two professionals and himself as a political leader of the duo. "Mesut Özil, who was born and raised in Germany, was expelled from the community because he took a picture in England. I could hardly stand it as their president that these young people who made it to the national team, were ejected, "said Erdogan in front of about 500 invited guests on the mosque site. His audience chanted "Mesut Özil, Mesut Özil" speaking choirs.

The head of state ignored in his statements that only Özil and not Gündogan had resigned from the national team last summer after the World Cup finals in Russia. Özil's racism allegations in his resignation related to the attacks from outside not least due to his refusal to clarify his relationship with Erdogan and lack of support from the head of the German Football Association (DFB) after the attacks from political circles.

Erdogan demanded that Muslims in Germany should not be made a target. The politician also mentioned that Özil had been supported by some people in Germany, but he wanted a "common attitude". Özil and Gündogan had called Erdogan "their president" at the meeting in London in May and criticized this formulation. Erdogan took up this designation himself again.


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