At the London Arsenal, there was a big party before the start of the Premier League Season. The Sun spreads the athletes' recreation details. At the moment, players exceeded 12 gunners, including the team leaders Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Alexander Lakazett, Pierre-Emerick Obameyang and Mesut Ozil repeatedly on the sporting routine. Some of the players played alcohol and laughter gas. "They gave them containers with a laughter gas and they put them in. Some even a few." He still looked, "the adventure witness announced for the publication. Especially for the party, 70 party girls were invited to one of the Elite clubs in London. Athletes on alcohol spent 25-30 pounds of sterling (32-38 thousand dollars). It is noted that club management is aware of what has happened. There will be preventative talks with the footballers who take part in the event. At the moment there is a fifth Arsenal in the Premier League, at 31 points. Manchester's touchboards have 10 more points. Aubameyang raises the score of the competition with a score of 10 goals in 15 games. More dark and curious news in the telegram channel "TV". Subscribe!


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